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Juniors and Seniors get inducted into the NHS

Photos by Nora Richards
Senior NHS officers on stage preparing to induct the new NHS members.

Every year, the National Honors Society (NHS) inducts new members from The Drive to continue their noble tasks like community service. Clubs like NHS must maintain members as seniors graduate, which is why they induct new members. 

“NHS inductions are a ceremony we have every year. [Students] get an opportunity to walk across the stage and say the NHS pledge where they commit themselves to the four pillars of the NHS,” said Tyler Latta, NHS advisor. 

The National Honors Society consists of the top students in their class. They represent their school not only with academics but also with integrity and leadership. They play an important part in their community to accomplish great things on and off the school campus.

“They are in the NHS for both years, they are committing to both years, … a nice little ceremony,” said Tyler Latta. 

The NHS induction is an important part of finalizing new members and making them official members. This event also helps the NHS emphasize to their new members the importance of following rules and encouraging your class and community to as well. 

“NHS is meaningful to me since it provides a way for people pursuing academics to give back to the community. NHS has four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character, and we get to volunteer in the area for service hours. I have also been able to meet some great people there,” said Kevin Nolan, NHS Representative at Athens Drive. 

Tyler and Laren Latta are science teachers at Athens Drive and are also the ones who organize the NHS. 

“We send out invitations, then we decorate, we set up a place for parents to sit, and we practice for the ceremony. There are quite a few parts that go into it,” said Tyler Latta. 

Shortly after the NHS induction began the senior class gave their speeches to the new class about the four pillars. These four pillars consist of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 

“The four main candles represented the four pillars: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. There also were some candles provided for passing the light throughout the ceremony to symbolize our entrance into the society,” said Nolan.

During the ceremony, the new members were dressed in nice outfits and were presented with their membership certificates from Boshoff, Principal at Athens Drive. After all the new members received their certificates, they were given a candle to light. This represents the passing of the flame. After this ceremony, the Class of 2025 was officially inducted. 

“As a Junior Representative, I attend weekly board meetings where we plan our next events for NHS. We are currently spending a lot of time planning our annual service project, but that will be revealed after Winter Break,” said Nolan.

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