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The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The tranquility of Athens Drive

Photos by Taylor Malloy
Athens Drive students pictured singing Kumbaya in a circle.

Athens Drive is known for having calm and peaceful students who maintain a tranquil environment. Students and teachers alike are shocked when a rare fight occurs within the peaceful halls. Freshmen, in particular, are the most reserved and mature class in the school. 

“Whenever I see people in conflict, they always sit down and discuss the matter civilly over tea and crumpets,” said Anita Bath, junior. 

Having such civil students, the attendees of Athens Drive feel safe and are able to focus on their classes and tasks. Teachers are always able to teach without unnecessary interruptions. 

“I’ve never seen a fight at Athens; sometimes there is just a lot of shouting and some people trying to slap mosquitos off of others,” said John Cena, senior.  

The freshmen at Athens show a significantly higher amount of maturity compared to the upperclassmen. The 9th-grade students never feel the need to throw hands at 7:15 in the morning or shout at one another down the hallways, as do the few trouble-making upperclassmen. The freshmen go on about their day following the Hakuna Matata motto. 

“Sometimes I wish that we did have fights… it would make the day more interesting,” said Cena.

Since the students are so level-headed, the teachers don’t have to worry about the hallways getting too rambunctious. The teachers are able to just let the kids transition between classes without monitoring them.  

“I love the transition period between classes, I get to just sit in my chair and wait for my lovely students to walk into my class,” said Sal Ami, math teacher. 

At many other schools throughout Wake County and the rest of the country, students are involved in fights daily. The students very rarely come to a compromise verbally and choose to resolve their issues with a physical altercation instead. 

“At my school, there is a fight pretty much every day. I wish we could solve our problems with each other by hugging like Athens does,” said Sam Sung, a student at another school in Wake County. 

Due to Athen’s calm and tranquil way of handling their issues, the students and school as a whole have been recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Award. This just goes to show that violence is not always the answer to the matter in question and most certainly does not transpire at Athens daily.

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