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Teenagers are the best at driving

Photos by Tay
Image of Athens Drive students car, who decided that a dent looked fashionable.


Teenagers in high school are known to be some of the best drivers across all demographics. With their multitude of experience, they hardly ever cause accidents or create dangerous situations on the road. 

“A lot of people would think that teens aren’t good at parking, but I’m super good and I still only have my learner’s permit,” said Wilbur Willys, sophomore. 

For example, I consider myself such a good driver that one morning on the way to school I decided to fist bump the car in front of me with the front of my car. This was completely intentional and my parents were actually super happy that it happened. 

“The car accident caused my insurance to go up like crazy,” said Holly Malloy, my Mom. “But I was happy about that cause we had too much extra vacation money.”

Additionally, teens are super good at focusing and never get distracted when others are in the car or when loud music is playing. Teens also have the tendency to never be on their phones when they’re driving.

“A lot of the time I see kids I know going 25-30 miles over the speed limit,” said Hammy Holbert, junior. 

While the teens that are getting their license in 2023 and late 2022 have had to take a drivers test to obtain their license, those wanting to get their license during COVID-19 have not had to take a test. It’s obvious that no test is needed for new teen drivers as they are already better than most adults at driving. 

“I’m thankful that I didn’t have to take a drivers test in order to get my license, the people I know who are getting their license now are stressing a lot over it,” said Holbert. 

Parking is also a specialty of teen drivers as you will be able to find them perfectly parked in every high school parking lot. Accidents never occur in the parking lots and adults need to take a look at how teens drive and consider taking some advice on how to do better themselves.

“The parking lot is super safe here and everyone parks the best I have ever seen,” said Willys. 

Generally teen driving has significantly improved since cellphones became ubiquitous. 

“That family really didn’t need that dog anyways,” said Holbert.

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