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The upcoming Seussical sprouts the Spring semester

A photo that captured performers and some of the backstage crew after they had finished performing in a previous performance.


Hidden beneath the theatre’s red curtains are many individuals working behind the scenes to ensure the production of this year’s spring musical is booming. For the upcoming “Seussical,” Athens Drive High School’s backstage crew, performers, and chorus are giving their all to prepare.

The Seussical is a Dr. Seuss themed musical created by Lynn Ahrens and had its broadway debut in 2000. It is a colorful and whimsical musical, adapting well-known and loved Dr. Seuss characters. March 23 through 25th, Athens Drive students will be performing this musical for all to see. The Athens Drive backstage crew plans on bringing this colorful set to life.

“It is one of the most ambitious musicals we have tried, but I believe we have the talent to pull it off,” said John Dominick DeLeo, junior.

DeLeo is a shop foreman in the backstage crew. He is responsible for supervising the crew while they prepare for the musical. The backstage crew has the task of expressing the exotic works of Dr.Seuss in real-life sets. DeLeo and the backstage crew are ready for this task.

“I am looking forward to the challenge of making a set for something as grand and whimsical as Dr.Suess,” said DeLeo.

Musicals involve several dance numbers leaving a challenge for the performers. One performer, in particular, Faith Hall, has expressed her own nervousness about the dance numbers since she has no prior dance experience. She is a part of the ensemble, which means she is in a group that is performing together.

“I am nervous about the dancing aspect of the musical, but I am so excited to work with our student co-dance captains Clare and Bella,” said Hall, junior.

As of now, the cast for the upcoming Seussical has already been released. The list of the Seussical cast has been posted on the Theatre’s Instagram page @athensdrivetheatre. 

The Athens Drive Chorus is also taking a major role in this musical. Erin Santa Croce, despite this being her first year teaching at Athens, does not affect her ability to construct a standing-ovation type of performance. Santa Croce is the musical director for the Seussical. She has no personal experience yet with the Seussical but that is not stopping her. She is in charge of all the musical aspects apart of the Seussical. 

“I actually don’t know the Seussical very well yet. It’s not a musical I have done personally. So I’m really excited to dive in and seek my teeth into all of the different pieces,” said Santa Croce.

The week after thanksgiving, auditions were held and the second full week of December will mark the production meeting. Rehearsals for the musical will be starting in January.

The Athens Drive Performance Arts and Backstage Crew have both been working hard to prepare for the upcoming Seussical, but this is only the beginning of the long-awaited release of the musical. The musical will only be performed for three days, from March 23 through the 25th.

“We just hope that the Athens community will come out. We are excited and think its gonna be a great time,” said Santa Croce.


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