How to conquer your fears


Photos by Mohamed Hassan via pixabay

Many students are being held back from a handful of opportunities due to the haunting of their fears.

Overcoming a fear is one of the most self-rewarding things that can be done, but it can’t happen without knowing where that fear derives from, taking advice from experiences and the effects of that fear.

Fear begins in a section of the brain called the amygdala. A threat triggers a fear response in the amygdala which then sends signals to the parts that deal with motor functions involved in our fight or flight. Humans usually have 3 different responses; Freeze, run or fight which all derive from instinct.

The top five most common fears within humans are…social phobias; when they are hyper aware in social situations. Fear of open spaces, fear of heights, fear of flying and enclosed spaces. There are many people who have these fears so do not feel alone. If you don’t quite fit in one of these categories you should not be alarmed; it is perfectly normal and still totally possible to conquer your own personal fears.

Ricky Williams, star running back for the saints was in the spotlight of the world while simultaneously suffering from social anxiety disorder but succeeded with destroying the self defeating label that was assigned to his name.

“After I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, I felt immense relief because it meant that there was a name for my suffering. I wasn’t crazy or weird, like I thought for so many years. As part of my treatment program, my physician prescribed an antidepressant, in combination with therapy. Soon thereafter I was able to start acting like the real Ricky Williams.”

First and foremost it is always important to seek professional help.  Determination is key to getting over your fears; you will not find yourself getting extremely far if you do not have the desire in you to overcome these struggles. Addressing your anxieties first and then giving yourself permission to come face to face with them will be two of the most important and efficient ways of conquering. You should break your journey into smaller pieces so that you feel in control; Taking it day by day will always allow you to breathe. 

“Getting over fears is a sign of personal growth,” said Jimmy Ray, ISS teacher.

Becoming aware of what causes you to fear and dissecting it until you are comfortable with interacting with that fear is one of the safest ways to get over your anxieties.

I never go against what I’m afraid of if it involves risking my life but if its harmless whats the worst that could happen. It’s usually always fun instead of letting my fears get to me.”

— Jackson Yancey