Athens women’s lacrosse in full swing


Photos by Mr. Tucker (Parent of Lacrosse player)

Women’s Lacrosse team pumps each other up before they face their opponent on the field.

The Athens Drive women’s lacrosse team is in full swing for the season. Lacrosse is a very celebrated sport here at the Drive, with students attending many games to witness the team’s exhilaration. The ADN women’s lacrosse team has been having a successful season so far, with eight wins under their name. 

Women’s lacrosse starts up in the second half of the school year to compete with other schools. It is a unique sport compared to the other sports offered at the Drive

.”Lacrosse is different from other sports in Athens because it is played with a small ball that we pass to each other and catch in a small net on a stick.” We then run the ball to a relatively small goal. It’s pretty difficult because we have to run, catch, and “cradle” the ball in our sticks the whole time, “said Katie Beth Cornell, JV player for Athens Women’s Lacrosse. 

The team practices almost every day to ensure great performances during their games. They work toward consistency within their gameplay to always be ready to win a game for the Drive.

The temperature the games are held in also affects the players because the heat makes it harder to perform, Though this doesn’t stop athens.

“The coaches want us to rest our bodies after pretty intense games, especially because it’s been hotter recently and we run constantly,” said Cornell.

Currently, in the season, the team is holding on to an 8-7 record and a 6-2 in the conference “CAP 6”. The Jaguars are working hard to maintain their wins this season. Every player in lacrosse is a star, but so far this season, according to, the highest scoring players from Athens Drive are Molly Koonce (varsity player) and Claire Hensley (varsity player).

“The season has gone really, really well. We have worked hard and got some pretty nice wins. We also had a lot of new players, and due to COVID last year, we didn’t see any new faces. But being back in school allows us to reach out to the other people on the lacrosse team and make it a better season for all of us, “said Caroline Moore, varsity player for women’s lacrosse.

COVID-19 has played a big part in providing obstacles for the whole team this year. 

“Covid has affected our team through three seasons so far, first in 2019 when our season ended early. I felt I had the best team since I started to coach here in Athens. Then in 2020, I had senior starters sit out and we played through the winter’s cold weather wearing masks. That limited some of the players’ abilities. Finally, we have lost several players to the virus and exposures this year, forcing us to play with a smaller roster throughout the season,Coach SanGiacomo, coach of women’s lacrosse. 


Though COVID-19 had a lot of disadvantages, the spirit of the game has revived it for the players and especially the coach, with tremendous support at the Drive. They are stronger than ever.

“My experience as a lacrosse coach here in Athens has been different than ever before. The support from A.D. Seese and Mr. Mares are tremendous. The student-athletes are wonderful young ladies. “The overall experience is wonderful, challenging, and a blessing,” said Coach SanGiacomo.


To play lacrosse is no easy thing, it takes deep determination and proper skill to master it. It is surely an experience students receive when they watch the game. The players and coaches have put in immense hard work, after so many issues in previous years regarding the pandemic. The Athens Drive students are very proud of their efforts.


“Intelligent athletes who can have fun playing a game. I have always felt I can teach lacrosse to anyone with the right attitude,” said Coach SanGiacomo.