Volleyball players keep in shape in the off season


Photos by Liz Luna

To get to this point of success, the volleyball team worked hard to keep in shape off season.

There are lots of factors that go into keeping the athletes in shape and prepared for the next sports season when they are not playing at that time of the year. Athens Volleyball is one of these teams, and the players work hard each off-season to maintain their impressive record in the fall. 

Before training physically once the season has ended, the girls take a crucial mental health break after a stressful season, then the training starts

Training in the gym is really important for athletes to gain strength throughout their body and not injure themselves once the season returns. Focusing on individual skills is crucial to be the best on the court and make a plan on how to do that.

Claire Hancock, freshman, is a JV volleyball player who does a lot to keep herself in shape while she is not on the court. 

“I go to the gym and I like to lift weights a lot,” said Hancock. 

Most sports do workouts with people that are interested in playing to work on their skills as a team and condition to be ready for the season before it officially begins. 

“In the spring and summer there are workouts with the volleyball team,” said Hancock. 

Larkyn Rawls, freshman, is also a JV volleyball player.

“I do club volleyball alongside school volleyball and I really enjoy it,” said Rawls. 

Lots of athletes participate in outside of school, club sports, that will keep them agile and ready to play for the next season. 

The work that I do off of the court is what sets me up for success on the court.”

— Claire Hancock

But it isn’t just about the players strengthening their physical skills, but their communication skills as well.

Bonding with your teammates is crucial in playing proficiently and as one when playing together. 

There are also lots of camps or clinics available at local volleyball gyms that can help with individual skills such as passing, attacking and setting that can be very helpful in gameplay. 

Alongside volleyball, other sports are great at helping players maintain themselves.  Hancock is doing another sport in the spring to help keep herself active and in shape which can be a good choice if you have the time and commitment. 

“I’m doing lacrosse this spring so that will help me stay active.” Hancock said. 

Continuing to eat healthy and maintaining hydration is also very important to the longevity of an athlete’s abilities.

Volleyball as well as most other sports have a lot of upkeep so they can excel like they do each season but in the end, it is that upkeep that strengthens the players skills and broadens their abilities 

“Training is very important to excel in games to keep up our winning streak,” said Rawls.