Pros of being in a high school relationship


Breakups, makeups, and confessions of love all in the span of a week. It seems like everyone has their own opinion on high school relationships. Either you love them or you hate them. I tend to like them more than not. You get the cliche of having a high school sweetheart and sometimes it can be entertaining in the hallways.

One of the reasons why high school relationships can be beneficial is that you get to learn from each other. Make mistakes when you’re young and learn from them so when you’re in the adult world you know how to avoid them. 

“I’ve learned to be more open with people. I’ve learned that unexpected things can happen to you and you need to learn to take the bad with the good,” said Myles Bodor, freshman.

In all the craziness and talk of high school, you need someone that you can trust. When you’re in a relationship anywhere, you should be able to trust them. Your brain isn’t fully developed until the age of 25, so when you are in high school you are still developing. Relationships at this time have lasting effects on someone and they remember it for future relationships.

Being in a relationship when you are young can also help develop skills of time management. You learn to divide your time between school, later on, work, and your partner and set aside time to give to yourself. It is better and easier to learn to do this when you are young rather than later on in life.


Spending time with others you care about can also help you to find and really become yourself. According to The Day newspaper, “Spending intimate time with another person might also help us identify who we are as individuals. In a healthy and fulfilling relationship, we should grow emotionally and learn more about ourselves in addition to enjoying the company of our partner.”


In conclusion, high school relationships are helpful to the development of teenagers into adults and will continue to help us throughout our lives. They help us learn and give us life skills to teach our kids when the time comes.