Many are calling the year 2020 the new “Roaring 20s,” hoping to have similar significant events

Ava Riach, Business Manager

With the new year rolling in, many have been talking about how we are entering another “Roaring 20s.” The 1920s was a significant decade for the U.S. and led to many changes in society and politics, and many are hoping for the same thing in the next decade. Ranging from the Presidential Election to attempting to send a person back to the moon or mars, the next decade can be expected to be as pivotal as the last 20s. Along with this, the Olympic Games will be held and the global population is expected to reach eight billion according to Forbes.

“I’m hoping that if things get better environmentally, that we would have some social and political reform which might to things like flapper girls, where people around the world would be a lot more accepting of each other,” said Riley Doan, junior.

Women earned the right to vote, started rebelling against the normal standards by creating “flappers,” and performed actions that society saw as unattractive for women. This had an incredible impact on women in America, with them now having many more rights compared to 20s. 

Along with women’s rights, the banning of alcohol, also known as prohibition, had a big spotlight. The alcohol prohibition caused many in the time period to go against the law. Whether it was smuggling alcohol or making it, people did not want that substance taken away. When one compares those events to now, they have taken a new image in the form of drugs. Many states are beginning to legalize Cannabis and medical marijuana. This shows how society’s and lawmakers’ views have changed regarding these subjects, as alcohol was never prohibited again. 

With all of these important events, we come to the most advanced topic, technology. This includes going from Henry Ford’s automobiles to Teslas and smart cars that drive themselves. Movie and television production have also come a long way since the ‘20s. One of the biggest stars back then was Charlie Chaplin, with silent movies being all the rage. 

Comparing that to today, we now have productions in color, advanced cameras and movies are no longer silent. Movies, television shows, and actors are now able to make millions of dollars for their talents. The most popular and highest-paid actors are now Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth and others, with Dwayne Johnson making 89.4 million dollars between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019, according to Forbes. 

While we look back at the 1920s, people remember the Harlem Renaissance, women getting the right to vote, flappers and jazz music along with many other events and people that led to what the U.S. is today. When people think about the past, they will now wonder what the next ‘Roaring 20’s” has in store for them. 

“I want us to have a rebirth of the ‘Roaring 20s,’ but we have to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes we made then that leads us into an economic disaster,” said Shavonne Hairston, social studies teacher.