New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII, scored the only touchdown during the game

Richard Williams, Business Manager

Super Bowl 53 kicked off the new year with the top team from each conference, one from the American Football Conference and one from the National Football Conference.

The New England Patriots played against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53, both competing for the title of 2019. With the 2019 year beginning, this Super Bowl broke numerous records in the NFL.

The average football game lasts over three hours from start to finish while both teams compete to be the champion. Super Bowl 53 lasted over four hours as the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams played at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

Any NFL game has commercials before, after and during the game to advertise different types of products and accessories companies produce.

Tom Brady holds the Super Bowl LIII trophy after leading his team to a victory with a 13-3 win.

Since the Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised events of the year, it brings in a large amount of money and costs a lot to advertise a product. The Super Bowl makes over 300 million United States dollars from commercials, tickets, television programs and more. But one of the biggest producers of income for the Super Bowl is the commercials. During Super Bowl 53, a 30 second ad cost 5.25 million dollars to show on the televised event.

“During Super Bowl 53, the game was overall lame with commercials not being funny and very lackluster. What’s weird to me is that the television channels hype up the good commercials early in the week, which gives no point in having commercials during the super bowl if they have been aired,” said Scott Maxwell, math teacher.

An NFL game has four quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. The competing teams play against each other for the top spot by scoring as many points as they can. Super Bowl 53 was the first Super Bowl in which neither teams scored a touchdown within the first three quarters. The New England Patriots won the game with 13 points and the Los Angeles Rams lost with three points.

According to Aol, “To some, Super Bowl LIII was enjoyable, a defensive battle that resulted in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. To many more, it was a snooze, a game featuring two of the four highest-scoring teams of the season only managing one touchdown combined.”

This Super Bowl broke other records during the game. The first one being the only Super Bowl to date that had only one touchdown in the final score (13-3). Another record was broken when Johnny Hekker, the punter for the Los Angeles Rams, kicked a 65 yard punt during the game. Other records were either tied or repeated.  

Since Super Bowl 36, the Patriots have had nine super bowl appearances and have won six out of those nine games. Within those 17 years, the Patriots won all those games with Tom Brady as the quarterback.

The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl three years in a row. Different teams could have played to make it more interesting. But with the Super Bowl being a big event I thought it would be exciting and interesting but there was no suspense and no surprise,” said Maxwell.