Summertime Anticipation

Christian Westmoreland, Staff Writer

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As the school year is winding down, students at Athens Drive high school are highly anticipating the end of the semester. Students are looking forward to sleeping in, going on vacations and playing video games as long as their heart’s desire and most of all not having to deal with the stress high school brings. Many students have already put their brains into summer mode, which means they are not taking classes as serious as before. Once these students find themselves in this rut, it is hard to get out. This is why students should focus on what needs to be done in the classroom.

“Since school is about to end, the only thing I am thinking about is no more tests, quizzes or homework. But when it comes time to actually do work I have no drive to do it,” said Jasmine Smith, sophomore.

Smith is not alone. Many students are in the same boat, students have lost the drive to work at school. But most students have not lost their drive, some want to finish strong. Maybe it is because these students started slow or they have always been able to stay on track.

“For me at the beginning of the year, I was a huge slacker.  My grades did not reflect the student that I am. So I decided to change my habits and now I am on top of things and school is going great,” said Jacob Allen,wew freshman.

It is important for students to take the end of school seriously, even if they did well the prior quarters. Tanking in the final stretch can destroy a good grade. Students should realize there is a time and place for everything. Right now the time is to get school out of the way first, then enjoy all the summer activities.

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