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Rapper Jermaine Cole, also known as J Cole, K.O.D April 20. The majority of his fans say it is a good album, but there are also people who think that this was not his best performance. This new album broke Apple Music’s first day streaming record in the US. He holds the record of 645 million streams on the first day and the numbers should be able to show the album’s popularity but there is still a negative viewpoint. Most of his fans are comparing his latest album to previous ones, and what was different about  this album is that is has a theme. The theme is addiction so the words that are in the songs have changed, this is the main reason the album is rubbing people the wrong way. Most of the songs of today glorify drugs and alcohol so when J Cole contradicts this trend it stirs the pot.

          “K.O.D is a really good album and I feel that J Cole really put time into the message he was trying to say.” Noah Belote, freshman.

Many others would agree with Belote’s words, and by many there are around 645 million people would agree. There are still people who would disagree. The people do not favor the album talk about the fact that this side of J Cole is not as appealing to them. People say that most of his songs have a more upbeat vibe, as to K.O.D that is considered to be more relaxed.

          “I love J Cole do not get me wrong, the thing is K.O.D just sounds too different for me to enjoy, I actually do not  know what it is. Maybe it is the beat or the words that have changed all I know is this does not sound like the J Cole that I am familiar with,” Nahjae Williams, sophomore.

Really it all comes down to the listeners preference, if they enjoy the album the enjoyed it if not then they didn’t. If you have not  heard K.O.D for yourself listen to it and see where you fall into this discussion.

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