Fortnite Takeover

Christian Westmoreland, Staff Writer

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Fortnite seems to be the game everyone is talking about. Fortnite is a battle royale game you can play with a squad of four, duos or solo. With the goal of being the last person or team standing,the game starts off on an island for the game to load and up to 100 players can play in one match.  After the game loads, the players are placed onto the battle bus where they choose their preference of a landing spot on the map. Once the destination is chosen players jump from the flying bus and skydive to the selected spot,then at a certain height your glider/umbrella deploys until you land. The main goal of the game is to survive, while at the same time searching houses for weapons, chests and materials. Materials in the game such as wood, stone and steel can be used for building stairs, walls, platforms and even bases. The weapons in the game are based on colors which are grey for common weapons, green for uncommon, blue for rare, purple for epic and gold for Legendary. The weapon selections are broad from a pistol all the way to an rocket-propelled grenade , gamers have a selected weapon tactic that they feel will lead them to victory.  

In addition, streamers make videos while playing Fortnite. One of the most famous streamers is named Tyler Blevins, who goes by Ninja. He is a vlogger who plays Fortnite, and he earns millions of views due to the large amount of kills he accomplishes in his games and for the tips he gives out. Ninja is not alone, plenty of vloggers play this game, this game is getting so popular even celebrities play this game. In one of Ninja’s videos, he is playing with rappers Travis Scott, Drake and JuJu. That video earned five  million views on youtube, which goes to show he has a popular fan base.

“Watching Ninja is someone I look forward to watching because he’s super entertaining to watch. When I watch him I feel like I can learn from him so I can become better at the game,” said Brayden Yurko, sophomore.

With Fornite recently coming to mobile, this  was a huge leap. With the mobile app players are able to connect with their console profile (Xbox One, PS4 or PC) and continue to play as if at home, or players can make an Epic Games account. With this, more people are given access to the game than ever before, and the luxury of being able to play on the go is convenient to most people.

“I think it’s a great idea to bring such a popular game that was originally for the Xbox, PC and Playstation to the phone, because now it allows you to play your favorite game wherever you go. Compared to console, I prefer console way better, just because it’s way easier to access everything, like building and your weapons,” said Yurko.

To a player, weapons are key; without a good weapon loadout winning the battle royale is much more difficult.  In games people tend to have different playing strategies, either they are passive or aggressive. If you shoot anyone you see then you are aggressive, if you avoid conflict unless it is necessary, then you are passive.

“In some games playing too aggressive leads me to make bad decisions, most times I just need to scan the area and find the best way to take out my opponent,” Jamere Hill sophomore .

Fortnite is one of the most popular games right now. If EpicGames continues to make upgrades and find ways to improve the game, then Fortnite will be around for a long time.


This is the cover of Fortnite

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