Athens Drive varsity soccer team

Carlos Banegas, Staff writer, editorial cartoonist

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A new season has begun for the Athens Drive varsity soccer team. During the 2018 season, head coach Meryssa Wacholder will lead the varsity soccer team in her second year as head coach.

This year the Athens Drive soccer team looks to improve over the past season of a total finish of 22 goals. The team also ended the 2017 season with a .368% of games in season won.

“From what I’ve heard, they have had some good seasons and some bad seasons. Before I got there, I heard they made a really good run at state playoffs,” said Wacholder.

So far the team has won two games in the season over Broughton, East Wake, Knightdale, Jordan, Cary and Southern Lee. They have also lost five games so far and tied in three.

“The team is getting healthy now. We have a lot of potential and I’m very excited with where we are going. I think we’re in a good place as long as we stay healthy. I’m pleased with the progress that we’re getting to,” said Wacholder.

Now that the season has started, the team is getting into shape and staying there. All the while the team continues to make progress as the season continues.

“It depends on what is going on that week and how many games we’ve had. We may do different drills depending on the teams we play and their style of play. If there’s things we need to work on, we will do finishing drills. It really depends on where the team is progressing and what we have going on that week,” said Wacholder.

Practice for the soccer team is rarely constant. It is flexible and is

designed to strengthen and prepare the team for what comes next in the season. The practices can prepare the team for their opponents strategy or focus on a skill or aspect of the game such as passing or shooting.

“I would describe the games themselves as definitely intense,” said Andie Lamm, goalie.

Athens 2018 women’s Varsity soccer team posing for picture for their yearbook photo Photo taken by yearbook

During soccer the game can get intense. The intensity and unexpectancy shows just how much preparation and practice matters within the age old sport of soccer.

All in all this soccer season is looking to be one filled with hard work determination and one overall goal to make goals.


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