Psychology Club starts school year with new leaders

Zach Nowlin, Editor-in-Chief

The Athens Drive Psychology Club focuses on psychological studies and how they apply to Athens Drive. They meet in room 2922 and are led by Michael Robbins, the Honors Psychology teacher. Meetings are every other Thursday during A lunch.

The objective of Psych club is to come up with different ethical experiments at every meeting and test them on Athens Drive students. They plan on testing on students by airing something different on Athens Drive TV every week (ATV).

The club is comprised of three senior student officers. Jared McLeod, President, Mollie Clary, Vice President and Karla Montes, secretary. The club had a meeting where they voted on the leaders. All candidates got up in front of the club and spoke on why they thought they would make a good officer. After each round, the rest of the club voted anonymously on a slip paper for each category and the winners were announced.

The first meeting after the club officers were announced, the club focused on the psychology behind Halloween. Catalogs of Halloween costumes were brought into be discussed. The goal was to study what an individual’s Halloween costume reflected their personality. For example, a costume that showed off more skin might indicate attention-seeking or a scary costume showed more malicious intents. The club created a poster about this study and hung it in the hallway for a couple days after the holiday.

For Veterans day, they plan on looking at how war affects a veteran’s brain. They will watch a video pertaining to the mental health of the military and veterans. The club will then have an open discussion about the topic after the video.

The club is always open for member to join and they meet every other Thursday in room 2922 in the social studies hallway.