Fair fun for all

Hollyn Quiller, Photographer

For many people, the North Carolina State Fair is the most exciting time of the year. People go for many things such as food, rides and even shopping.

This was the 150 year the fair has been around, starting in 1867. This year there were 1,014,478 people in attendance. It ran from October 12 to October 22 with many activities each day. Each year the fair started with $1.50 admission and ended with hunger relief day where people bring in five cans in exchange for a free ticket into the fair.  There were multiple events held at the fair and competitions such as such as storytelling, magic shows and animal races.

“One thing that really bothers me in not knowing where to go,” said Marcia Quiller, receptionist at ENT & Audiology Associates. “I wish they would put up directional signs.”

The crowds of people often confuse others as to where they need to go and where everything is located. Everyone is given a map when they enter that shows where everything is  and how to get places but the map does not really explain where rides are. Many people stop in the middle of the walking areas trying to figure out how to get to different places. Putting up signs would help the flow of traffic and keep a large number of people from getting confused.

“My favorite part about the fair was the rides,” said Savannah Quiller, 8 grader at Exploris Middle School.  “I loved the thrill of them.”

To some children, teens or maybe even adults the rides at the fair are the absolute best part.. There were many new rides that some would consider to be a hit this year including the Air Raid, the Dogmen Chomp Shop which is a bumper car ride and a circus train that is geared towards children.

“I always like going into the education building,” said Marcia Quiller, age 68. “I always like seeing what other people have created and their talents and it gives me ideas on stuff I can do.”

The education building at the fair contains different things that people have made such as cake competitions, jewelry and pieces of art. It shows the artistic abilities of people in the community and gives those who have entered their work more confidence. As always, the ability to want to try harder and earning a ribbon is always a plus. People from all age groups enter and have their work judged. There is a group for youth, a group for adults and a group for people who have done what they are competing for, for a living. Their work is then judged based off of the group the person  is in and there is a first, second and third place for each group.

“You get to scream your head off on rides and try new things with people that you genuinely like,” said Ashley Lovenduski, freshman. “It’s  good for bonding. You can just let loose and ride roller coasters and eat lots of food.”

The fair to some people, is a great bonding experience that brings many families and friends closer together. People will face their fears and go on rides they typically would not have ridden if they had not have been with people that wanted to. Fair food is something loved by many and millions of people go crazy about the new foods that come yearly. Some of these new foods this year included, deep fried cheerwine funnel cake, pumpkin pie, bacon and cheese collard bites and bacon mac and cheese. The fair food is what lures many there and most cannot wait to try the new creations there are that year.

“It’s a fun activity that’s right here at home,” said Marcia Quiller.