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Domestic violence: What it is and how to spot it
Domestic violence: What it is and how to spot it
Elijah Hoskins, Social Media Editor • May 24, 2024

Every minute almost 20 people around the world are physically assaulted by their partner; in the US this equals more than 10 million people a...

Drake and Kendrick Lamar going back in forth to understand each others motive
Drake vs Kendrick Lamar
Corissa Greene, Copy Editor • May 22, 2024

There have been suppositions and rumors over the years about tensions between popular rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, but nothing has been...

Students walk around to view peers STEM projects. Students spent much of the event viewing projects as well as presenting their  own.
Athens STEM students display their semester-long work at Athens STEMposium
Rowan Bissett, Assistant Sports Editor • May 22, 2024

The work of the Athens Drive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) students came to fruition this year at the Athens STEMposium on April...

The Athens Drive Flag Football team celebrates after their win against East Wake High School. This was the second game day, and it determined whether they would make it to the Sup-Her-Bowl
Women’s Flag Football’s future uncertain after new budget proposal
Ella Johnson, Copy Editor • May 21, 2024

This 2023-2024 school year, the Carolina Panthers announced they would be donating $50,000 to Wake County to kickstart Women’s flag football...

Members of the South Asian Student Association pose for a photo. This club is one of many school organizations that celebrate student diversity.
Athens Drive Culture Fest to return May 28
Sophie King, Assistant Editor • May 21, 2024

 With a total minority enrollment of 59%, and students from many countries around the world, Athens Drive High School is the most diverse high...

Susan McGraw and Leya Arikat flaunt Athen’s gear as they give a detailed tour of the school. The pair steps up to aid in making certain the Magnet evaluators from Magnet Schools of America have a positive experience.
A new beginning: Boshoff's first year
Brady Jones, Assistant News Editor • May 17, 2024

Amanda Boshoff, Athens Drive’s newest principal, is ending off her first year on a high note. After a long year of getting to know the Athens...

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Hannah Suehle
Hannah Suehle
Co-Editor in Chief

Hannah Suehle is a senior at Athens Drive and co-editor-in-chief. This is their fifth semester writing for the Athens Oracle. Outside of school, they like to play games, read, crochet, and do Scottish...

Sama Yousef
Sama Yousef
Staff Writer

Sama Yousef is driven to success. Overall she is a fun person to be around. She loves her job at Hollister that she works at with her friends and says it's a nice environment to be in. She enjoys going...

Corissa Greene
Corissa Greene
Sports Copy Editor

Corissa is a very creative person; not only is she smart academically but also socially. Corissa is considered by her peers as a driven student who strives to do above and beyond. She enjoys shopping with...

    G-Eazy “When It’s Dark Out” Album Review


    Gerald Gillum, known by his stage name as G-Eazy, recently released his sophomore studio album, “When It’s Dark Out”, December 4, 2015. The album debuted at number five on the Billboard 200 list.  “When It’s Dark Out” finds G-Eazy struggling with accepting his newfound fame, reflecting on his past and contemplating his legacy for the future.

    G-Eazy opens the album with a haunting introduction. By reciting the second verse of Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,” he creates an aura of struggle and death. The slowed down and twisted instrumental builds tension before breaking into the actual album.

    “Random” was easily the most anticipated song of the album, and G-Eazy does not disappoint. This song is a highlight of the album and a strong opener. He reminds us that his sudden rise to fame was not in fact random, but a combination of his youth, good looks and work ethic. The verses show G-Eazy bragging on the wealth and fame he has earned in such a short time and looking forward to what he has yet to accomplish. Confidence oozes off the track and it is an amazing song to get hype to when you need a little extra motivation.

    According to G-Eazy, the following track, “Me, Myself, and I,” is written from the perspective of his non-famous counterpart, Gerald Gillum. He criticizes the lifestyle of fame and lust he has been living and wishes to return to his life before the fame. Bebe Rexha is featured and provides beautiful vocals for the chorus. Overall this song has much appreciated insight into the more human and introspective side of G-Eazy.

    The following four songs have very strong instrumentals, but are cluttered with weak features and experimental sounds from G-Eazy himself. Big Sean provides a forgettable verse on the otherwise enjoyable track, “One of Them.” G-Eazy attacks the track viciously only to be followed by a lackadaisical effort from Big Sean. On “Drifting” G-Eazy talks about how touring and drugs have separated him from a girl that he loves. Chris Brown and Tory Lanez are featured on the track and provide decent vocals, however, their styles do not seem to mesh well with G-Eazy’s.

    On “Calm Down” G-Eazy is once again bragging about his lavish party lifestyle, however, the beat is fantastic and ready to be danced to. G-Eazy also provides some clever pop culture references. This track has grown on me and has come to be one of my favorites on the album.

    “Don’t Let Me Go” is my personal favorite song throughout the entire album. It is, quite possibly, my favorite G-Eazy song of all time. A haunting and somewhat intoxicating hum opens the track, eventually breaking into a Grace feature that has a similar message to “Intro.” Throughout the verses G-Eazy uses a static effect that amplifies the dark mood. He sees his lustful tendencies that created a spiraling relationship as a product of the time he spends in clubs and at parties when it is dark outside. However, G-Eazy has become cold and heartless over time, so he gives in to the temptations associated with fame and wealth.

    “Sad Boy” is rapped from the perspective of an outsider looking in on G-Eazy’s life. To an outsider the acquisition of fame and wealth would lead to happiness, but G-Eazy points out multiple downsides on previous tracks such as “Me, Myself, and I” and “Don’t Let Me Go.” The instrumental features a piano sample and is simple, yet impactful. It creates the image of G-Eazy walking past people who wish to be in his position but fail to notice the rain cloud over his head.

    “Some Kind of Drug” features Marc E. Bassy. who provides sensual vocals for the chorus. G-Eazy tries to explain how he feels when he is with a specific girl, but he can only think of one way to describe it. He relates the times he spends with her to a high from drugs. The track is lustful, sensual and extremely emotional. The beat is subtle and sets the stage for the lyrics to be the main focus of this song.

    Because of the raw emotion G-Eazy provides on “Everything Will Be OK,” this track is the highlight of the album. He looks back on his past and how fame has affected his family relationships. On the third verse of the song G-Eazy opens up about a situation that he rarely speaks about involving his mother’s girlfriend passing away. The emotion displayed on this track and the chorus from Kehlani, that repeatedly reminds people that everything will be okay, creates an unforgettable track.

    The album closes with “For This” and “Nothing to Me.” “For This” shows that, despite all the doubts, G-Eazy has reached his goals. He talks about how long he has waited for this level of gratification and how he can help those around him with his newfound wealth. “Nothing to Me” feels like an encore at a concert. G-Eazy features fellow Bay Area artists Keyshia Cole and E-40 to provide an inspirational track. While “For This” discusses how far G-Eazy has come, “Nothing to Me” discusses his plans to reach a legendary status further in his career. He wants to reach immeasurable heights. This track makes the listener feel like anything is possible.

    In general G-Eazy’s sophomore album, “When It’s Dark Out,” is overall an enjoyable album. Despite a few tracks and features that are bland, the memorable tracks pull the album together. G-Eazy is still experimenting with his sound, and it is obvious on certain tracks that he is still an undeveloped artist. However, G-Eazy shows great potential to create emotional and interesting songs from contradicting viewpoints.

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