Make a Wish

Jonah Weston, Online Sports Reporter

In August of 2013, x-rays came back positive for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Coby Weston’s lungs. This diagnosis led to the trending title of “Coby Strong,” created by his peers at Athens Drive. Coby’s battle with cancer began.

After an extended period consisting of chemotherapy,  followed by a bone-marrow transplant in January 2014,  Coby’s battle with cancer came to an end.  In December of 2014, Coby Weston was officially in remission.

The  Make-a-Wish  Foundation has dedicated their occupation to making sure kids fighting the uphill battle against. cancer get their ultimate wish fulfilled. Coby’s all-time favorite athlete is Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Being a long-time fan of the Seahawks, being born in Seattle, Coby always looked up to Wilson. So, meeting the man himself, along with the Seattle Seahawks was exactly Coby’s wish.

The experience began in the official practice facility of the Seattle Seahawks, just outside of Renton, Washington. There, Coby spent the day getting to know the team and Star Quarterback Russell Wilson.  On this Friday afternoon in Seattle, Coby inherited an experience he would never forget.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Coby said.

However, the adventure did not end Friday. Sunday came the main event: Coby, along with the Weston family, had four tickets to Sunday night’s game. The Seattle Seahawks hosted the Carolina Panthers. Just before the game, Coby was able to be up-close and personal on the SeaHawks’ sideline, giving each player a headnod.  Come gametime, Coby and his family were able to enjoy the game just a few rows above the 50-yardline. For those who are not familiar, those are the best seats to be very near to all the action.

Along with meeting Wilson and the Seahawks, Coby wished to take part in the “12th man” experience in the one and only Centurylink Field, home of the Seahawks. Coby took part of four rowdy quarters of football in Centurylink, cheering on his Seahawks. However, the Seahawks ended up falling short of the Carolina Panthers, 27-23. However, that did not seem to bother Coby.

After a hard fought battle with cancer, Coby received a rainbow at the end of the storm. Coby was a granted a wish he will never forget.