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Rumble on the rise: Platform fights against media censorship

Photos by Jenna Ali
Rumble is a relatively new video-sharing platform. It has recently been gaining popularity because of its welcoming of censored influencers.

It’s no secret that the general media has a large-majority liberal agenda.

That, in itself, is a massive issue that the world is blind to and our youth are the casualty. Not because of the liberal views, but because of the agenda. This powerplay is seemingly hitting its exact objective by creating a generation of young people who are intolerant of viewpoints that aren’t painted blue PMS 282.

 And though the repercussions have seared themselves into society, there could never really be any backlash because it was simply an expression of opinion. There is no beef with media sources for publishing their viewpoints.

However, there is an issue with media sources censoring differing opinions– and, as of late, that seems to be a large part of the general media’s agenda. 

Youtube has recently been in the news for its harsh penalties against influencers with non-liberal viewpoints. Under the scapegoat of violating very minor policy technicalities, the platform is revoking the accounts of influencers who articulate and express non-contemporary thoughts. If other influencers lend a hand to those who have had their channels removed, Youtube proceeds to threaten them with the removal of their own channels– channels with millions and millions of followers. 

Perhaps Youtube, which has a majority of left-leaning users, wants to ensure that its users have a comfortable experience on the platform. However, as a leading platform in this form of media, it is Youtube’s responsibility to allow for freedom of expression, especially in the case that their viewers have the power to swipe past a video they don’t like.

This is censorship in plain form.

Yet, no one cares unless it’s their views that are being censored. 

Out of fear of having their life’s efforts snatched from beneath their feet, many influencers are succumbing to Youtube’s advances. Yet, others are taking their influence to other platforms– the one making the most headway is Rumble.

Rumble, founded in 2013, is a relatively new online video-sharing platform. The platform prides itself in taking in influencers who have been censored by the mainstream media. Unlike other media sources, Rumble advertises itself by expressing their appreciation of free speech, their opposition to censorship and their tolerance of differing opinions. And the platform actually fulfills its end of that promise. 

We can see the concentration of views that are being censored through the proportions of politically affiliated people on Rumble:

About 76% of people who regularly get their news from Rumble lean Republican in regard to politics, while about 22% lean Democrat. 

About 9 out of 10 adults on Rumble express trust in the platform to publish accurate information.

About 67% of users express satisfaction with their experience on the platform.

Rumble is only an upcoming platform, so it’s nearly as influential as sources like Youtube. For that reason, it’s important that we back platforms like Rumble: to make space for natural articulation and to take back our rights to free speech. In any matter, though, it is a breath of fresh air for a platform to identify the issue of censorship and wage a war against it.

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