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Athens seniors take different routes after high school

Photos by Kaylund Watson
Thandy Greene at the senior sunrise representing her HBCU. She will be attending Florida Agricultural Mechanical University.

Graduating can be one of the scariest and best things to happen to high school seniors. High schoolers are constantly changing and endeavoring in future goals they want to achieve. When a student approaches senior year, they are expected to have it all figured out. 

For some it may be college, but for others it can be entering the workforce, joining the military, or many other options. Not one path is the “correct” path, all are unique. 

This part of the school year of figuring out what to do next can be testing for most; but for students like Thandi Greene, it comes a bit easier when one knows exactly what they want to do.

“College is for me, ish. I’ve always liked school, and I know a lot of people don’t. I like learning, lifetime learning was always a goal for me,” said Greene.

Greene will be attending Florida Agricultural Mechanical University (FAMU), majoring in pre-nursing. 

Like Greene, college is what many students aim for after highschool. Whether it is their choice, or parents’ choice; that is quickly becoming the expected route for most high school students. 

Choosing this route opens up benefits such as the fact that lifetime earnings may be higher for college graduates, in spite of rising tuition costs, studies show that a college degree still pays off over time.

However, college may not be for everyone. Those who do not like school, attending more school after high school may not be the best option. 

Working is one of the many options students decide on. Omar Ghuweir is one of those students who intend on working. Even though he will be attending Wake Tech Community College, he more so wants to focus on working and traveling.  

“I just like being free. What I’m really trying to do is really focus on my networking. The way I talk is going to be the way I get my money in the future. I’m going to just make my money where my mouth is,” said Ghuweir. 

Going to a community college is a less expensive way with similar opportunities as going to a university, especially if one is doing a transfer. However, degrees are limited at a community college. 

With Wake Tech Community College being free this year, it is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Those wanting to focus on working will still have the ability to do so. 

“I just think my skill doesn’t really require school and I’m just going to school for the fun of it, especially now that it’s free,” said Ghuweir.

Another route high school graduates take is the military route. Ian Castaneda Garcia decided to take on this path, even though at first he was not too fond of it.

“In my opinion I’m not too into the military but I’m there for the benefits but after this time of being in there, It’s starting to grow on me. So I am starting to like the military side of it too,” said Garcia. 

Going into the military after high school has its perks. Covers college costs, has a higher income potential, enlistment bonuses, and many more. The military is a fast paced environment that teaches valuable training in different fields. 

However, there is a huge risk factor when it comes to enlisting; not only does it include warfare but the military assists in times of catastrophic emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, and outbreaks of disease.

For those who have no idea what to do next, that is okay. Life is a journey and the ending of high school is the start of a new one. 

Some encouraging words for those who do not know their next move: 

“You have to go through the cycle of life to find out things. Try everything, and lock in” said Ghuweir.

“Do a lot of exploring, don’t limit yourself in your adolescence, always try new things, and lock into them” said Greene. 

“Take any opportunity you can because there’s a chance that opportunity will only come once; and if you let it slide, it goes away forever, like Omar said lock in” said Garcia. 

As said by these three, the best thing to do and the biggest take away is to always “lock in” to anything you put your mind to. 

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