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Lilly Chuman: Remember us when you’re famous!

[video credit="Lilly Chuman performs at a local church by singing and playing guitar with joy and holiday spirit." align="right"][/video]
Photos by Isabella Loflin
(above) Lilly Chuman playing guitar in nature feeling the musical vibes of the earth. (below) Lilly Chuman performs the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen at a local church. Click on the arrow to view.

You never know where talent could be hiding in high schools around the globe. Many students have so many unique passions that you could learn about from just one conversation with them. Lilly Chuman, a student at Athens Drive High School is a great example of that. Ever since she was little her love for singing has always been a great part of her life. As she got older she added guitar into the mix of her many talents. From performing for her family and friends to making it onto a real stage, Lilly has come a long way with her passion for music and is excited to see where this creative path takes her.

Lilly posted her first video on her music instagram account May 7, 2021. She sang the song Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen. She received lots of support and love from everyone who watched the video. 

“When I made the account I was too nervous to sing in front of people so I thought doing it virtually would be easier. Now that I am older, I am not as afraid to sing in front of others,” said Chuman.

As part of the guitar classes Lilly takes, she was presented with the opportunity to perform at a local church. On December 5th, 2021, Lilly sang and played the guitar to the song Last Christmas by Wham in front of a large audience at the church. 

“I think I did pretty good, I was nervous but I don’t think anyone could tell, so I think it went well,” said Chuman. 

Nerves are a big part of why many people pick up the act of singing. Whether it’s the pressure of a big test or the anticipation before a sporting event, everyone has had some sort of stressful experience leading up to something important. There are numerous different ways to cool down nerves, and singing is one many people have devoted their lives to. Singing is an amazing outlet for releasing emotions and reducing stress, anger, or even just doing it because you love it. 

“It’s a way to convey how you’re feeling figuratively through different lyrics,” said Chuman.  

Studies have been shown that belting out your favorite song or simply humming a slow tune can improve your mental health and mood. Interacting with music from day to day can relieve stress and even benefit your physical health as well.

Lilly started playing guitar in 2019, by taking an elective for it in middle school. 

“I was interested in playing guitar because it just seemed like something cool to pick up and learn to take my passion farther and use it in other ways,” said Chuman.

 Learning guitar helped her to learn new songs and find a better rhythm while singing. Lilly loves to find different styles and techniques for playing the guitar, such as acoustic guitar.

 “My favorite chord is either F major 7 or an A minor,”  said Chuman. 

Lilly could definitely see herself continuing singing and playing guitar as a career and is excited for what the future holds.

 “If I pursued singing as a career I would probably be my own songwriter and perform locally,” said Chuman. 

The world of entertainment is a big one, and it is changing every day. Many people thrive creatively off of the wide range of ideas and inspirations influenced by it. Having a musical career during these times can be lively and a fulfilling lifestyle. 

“If I were to take my music to the next level after high school, I might go to a music college to be at more of an artsy school,” said Chuman.

Many of Lilly’s friends are proud of her journey and are excited to see what comes next with her amazing talent.

 “I always get happy when I see a new post on Lilly’s singing account on Instagram. It’s a great way to show how much progress she’s made with her guitar and voice!” said Lyla Wells, one of Lilly’s friends. 

“Listening to music has always helped clear my mind and relax, so Lilly’s singing reminds me to take time for myself sometimes,” said Wells.

Lilly is part of the Athens Drive High school chorus and gets to practice and perform with her classmates during the school year. She hopes to continue to include music in her life for years to come and cannot wait to make more singing and guitar memories.

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