Drake releases new album, “Nothing Was the Same”

Ishmael Sutton, Staff Writer

Drake, the well-known rapper from Canada, released his album, “Nothing Was the Same,” September 24. His album leaked a week before the scheduled release date. All of the Canadian rapper’s fans were in a frenzy while waiting for the album to be released. Most of the album was produced by Noah “40” Shebib. Noah has been producing most of Drake’s music his whole career.

Drake has had many hits during his career. Mastering his style and building his fan base makes it believable to look at the number of sales the album got, especially in its first week. Nowadays, most artists gain about 20 thousand to 40 thousand sales on a good day.

Drake has his own label, OVO or Octobers Very Own and Drake’s also signed to Cash Money Records with Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj. One of the tracks on the album, “Own It” features one of his artists PARTYNEXTDOOR that is signed to his label, OVO.  PARTYNEXTDOOR is an upcoming artist and so far has only released a mixtape.

Some of the popular hits on the album are: “Started from the bottom,” “All me” and “Hold on We’re Going Home.” Recently, drakes hit record, “Hold on We’re Going Home” went platinum selling 1,000,000 copies. The album itself sold 658,000 copies its first week.

The album is seen by many to be similar to his sophomore album, Take Care which was released in 2011 and sold 631,000 copies its first week. Aside from some of the bonus tracks on the album which brings a confident, upbeat and pumped-up vibe. Drake is now on his tour called, “Would You Like A Tour” featuring Future, Miguel and PARTYNEXTDOOR.