Release of new documentary ‘Totally Under Control’ focuses on the truth behind how COVID-19 is being handled

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Nicole LiMato, Staff writer

The new documentary “Totally Under Control” was released Oct. 8, 2020, after being kept a secret from people for five months. This two-hour documentary is about Public health officials discussing their opinions on the U.S government’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Dino-Ray Ramos, when the trailer to “Totally Under Control” was released, the video got over six million views in the first 72 hours. Based on the reviews posted on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, the viewers seemed to love it and rated “Totally Under Control” a 7.4. 

It reconstructs recent history to remind us of how recently and quickly this pandemic changed life as we know it. Simultaneously, it calls attention to the many missed opportunities officials could have seized that may have altered the course we’re on,” said Melanie McFarland, top critic from  

As stated by Alex Gibney, the documentary has made people realize that this whole coronavirus issue is not as “under control” as President Trump has said it is. 

“If you aren’t already pissed off by the way our government mishandled this deadly contagion, you will be by the time the credits roll,” Travis Hopson, Rotten Tomatoes movie critic said. 

Based on the reviews, the trailer’s predictions that “the truth will make you sick,” was actually the reality. Based on the viewer’s comments, people also seemed to have liked how much information the documentary provided. 

I realized how bad we are doing with the COVID-19 responses compared to other countries and leaders, also that a lot of deaths definitely could have been prevented if we would have taken action earlier and realized this virus was serious sooner,” described Lara Lockridge, freshman. 

Although this documentary could have negative effects against the people mentioned in this documentary, it undoubtedly provided a wealth of information regarding COVID-19 which people are very thankful for. 

The new documentary, “Totally Under Control” seems to have ended up being a success since people enjoyed how it provided them the truth to this whole coronavirus issue. 

“One of the year’s most powerful documentaries,” said Anne Brodie, from “What She Said.”