Animal Science: Behind the Scenes


Zig, the bearded dragon, sunbathes under the warmth of his heat lamp.

Natalie Winston and Emma Grace Lehmann

The minnows swim together around the leaves in their tank.
The animal science chalkboard tray used to record the classes information.
The turtle in animal science swims leisurely around the edge of his tank.
Alexandra Bowman and EmmaRose Church, animal science students observe the turtle swimming around its aquarium.
Animal science turtle swims around under the warm light of his aquarium.

Zig, the bearded dragon, strikes a pose.

A poster in animal science displaying different types of dogs, including Labradors and Shepherds.
The animal science snake stretches high in his tank to observe the classroom activity.
The animal science horse display used for the study of muscles and bone structure of a horse.