North Carolina state fair expects big turn out


Photos by Emma Grace Lehmann

The view of the state fair 2018 state fair flyer.

Emma Grace Lehmann, Pollster

Over a million people gather together every year to experience 11 magical days of pig races, roller coasters and deep fried food. The North Carolina (NC) State Fair is 344 acres of southern charm and is ranked the 9th best state fair in the nation according to Insider Travel.

The NC State Fair is held by the North Carolina State Agricultural Society and has been a tradition for North Carolinians since 1853. It is held in Raleigh every year during the month of October.

Admission to the fair can cost up to ten dollars depending on the age of the person and when the ticket is bought. Ride tickets cost a dollar per ticket which can be used to ride any of the 100+ attractions at the fair; most rides cost 5-6 tickets. Another option is paying 35 dollars up front for a ride wristband which allows one to go on an unlimited amount of rides, no tickets required.

All ages are welcomed at the State Fair. Teenagers though, make up many of the visitors every year. Lauren Evancho, a sophomore at Athens Drive High School, is one of the many teengagers that look foward to this event all year long.

“I’ve been going to the fair for nine years, I started going when I was six. My absolute favorite ride is the Gravitron, the one that spins you so fast and makes the gravity go away,” said Evancho.

Not all of the rides are as intense as the Gravitron and there are attractions for everyone no matter what experience one is looking for. Each year, a selection of rides are brought to the fair for the first time. The new rides making an appearance this year are called The Downdraft, The Kraken and the Mini Trooper.

Aside from the fun attractions and games, a big part of the fair is showcasing the finest of NC including its art, livestock shows, horse shows, or special cooking competitions.

In the buildings surrounding the fairgrounds one can find an array of agriculture and art displays that participants of all ages have spent all year long preparing.

“One year they had paintings that students from the area had made and it was really cool. I also love going to see the biggest pumpkin, I am always in awe that people are talented enough to put time and effort into growing a pumpkin of that size,” says Evancho.

A lot of people enter into the fair competitions, but only a select number get to display their creations every year. Students are also encouraged to enter. Heidi Segars is a freshman at Ravenscroft and is a participant in these events.

“I have been entering projects into the fair since 2011, so 7 years, I enter different craft projects into the fair that I work on with my grandmother. For example, I have sewn decorative pillows and doll dresses, knitted hats, and done felted projects,” said Segars.

Segars is a veteran participant at the state fair and has won blue ribbons every year she has entered.

“I work really hard the months leading up to the fair and I am always so happy and surprised when I win first place and get the blue ribbons,” said Segars.

Whether one is looking to enjoy amusement park rides, eat fair food, play games, or observe art and agriculture, the NC State Fair has it all.

“The fair overall is an amazing experience for people of all backgrounds, incomes, and races. It is a perfect embodiment of diversity,” said Evancho.