Athens implements academic requirements for athletes


Photos by Raven Barton

Emily Smith head coach of varsity volleyball

Raven Barton, Pollster

Athens Drive High School has rules and requirements for being on sports teams that each athlete is expected to follow. If the individual player fails to fulfill them, there are penalties. All sports teams have to follow six rules enforced by the school, the rest of the rules are decided by the coaches.

The six rules enforced by the school are to attain/retain passing grades in core academic subjects, which include language arts, social studies, math and science. The players have to maintain a positive attitude in the classroom. Athletes have to be students and follow all classroom and school rules, along with their coaches’ rules.
No unexcused absences are permitted, only excused absences. Players are to attend school regularly. Players should attend all practices and games unless the coach is notified prior to a miss. Each player is to maintain a positive, cooperative attitude during practices and games.
“Athletes should maintain above a C average throughout the season. If below a C, Wake County is thinking of a student athlete tutorial to help with grades, so the athletes have a better chance of staying on the team,” said Emily Smith, head coach of the volleyball team.By having a student athlete tutorial, the players’ grades will have a chance to improve. The athletes will have a second chance to show their coaches what they can do in sports and in academics.

“I agree with the rules that the school has for athletes, because students who are on sports teams should be upheld as role models for other people and students,” said Hannah Baldwin, freshman, volleyball player.

The big part of being an athlete is following regulations, rules of the game and the rules of the coach and school. When athletes don’t follow these rules there are penalties that can get them out of a game or even off the team.

“My players are not allowed to miss any practices, if a practice is missed they will sit out for a fraction of the game, or even the whole game,” said Smith.

Smith takes her requirements for volleyball seriously. She knows it is important to show up and be at practices. If practices are missed the player misses out on what the team did that day. Resulting in them not knowing what plays to do or how to do them.

“My athletes must have a positive attitude during games and practices,” said Robert Clemons, Basketball Head Coach.

Athletes need to have a positive attitude so that they don’t give up when things are going rough, so they keep fighting to win. By having a positive attitude, they’re creating self-esteem so they can deal with problems during a game or even at school.