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The Puppy Bowl touches the hearts of juniors at Athens Drive

Photos by sterou70
In the Puppy Bowl, the dogs get to run around and play with many different toys and games like dogs in a loving home hoping to get adopted.

An annual event known as the Puppy Bowl is a televised event that occurs every year on Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl has more business-based goals while the Puppy Bowl’s goal is to get the puppies featured during the game and adopted. 

This event truly highlights the importance of rescuing animals and that every puppy deserves a loving home.

The entire purpose of the Puppy Bowl is to promote adopting animals and to get the competing dogs homes of their own.
(Photos by Audrius Vizbaras)

“I think the puppy bowl is a super cool idea. It’s super cute & may influence people to go and adopt a puppy/dog from the shelter,” said Wesal Gourche, junior.

Even though the puppy bowl is fun to watch, it serves a greater purpose: to help the puppies competing get adopted along with hundreds of other dogs around the country. The true purpose of the puppy bowl is much more than entertainment, it is the adoption of puppies around the nation. 

“[This is] the only game on TV, where there are no losers,” said Vinaya Rao, junior. 

The Puppy Bowl truly does benefit everyone, the viewers, the producers, and most importantly the puppies who warm the hearts of many. On the other hand, the puppy bowl is not only for the puppies but for people’s entertainment.

“I think the puppies are so cute! I love how they just free play and they [have no rules],” said Salsabil Chabreg, junior.

Puppies are adored by many Americans around the country and combining that with sports makes an amazing show for those who wait patiently for the bowl each year.

“I love how the puppies are up for adoption around the country. It spreads awareness for all the dogs who need homes,” said Annie Cullom, junior. 

The show itself entertains the audience however what captivates the audience the most is the show’s purpose. The fact that its purpose is to help animals find homes is what makes this event so meaningful to its audience. 

“I believe that it is a good occasion for puppies to be adopted because people have the chance to see them play. Puppy Bowl is something like an advertisement for dogs,” said Emma Traldi junior.

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