HOSA raises money with hot chocolate stand

Hot chocolate stand ready to get the staff and students ready for the day while raising money.
Hot chocolate stand ready to get the staff and students ready for the day while raising money.
Photos by Kristen Worrel

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is a nationally recognized student organization that provides students interested in healthcare a way to collaborate with other students interested in the same things. This year to celebrate the holiday season, Athens Drive’s HOSA decided to sell hot chocolate in the mornings, before school officially starts, to raise funds for the Sweetheart Charity Gala held in February.

“We will be selling hot cocoa through Friday, December 15 from 6:30-7:20 every morning. The cost is three dollars per cup or two cups for five dollars,” said Kristen Worrel, HOSA Advisor.

To keep it fun, HOSA decided to create a variety by adding toppings to go in the hot chocolate as well as another treat to go along.

“There is also a holiday special option for four dollars which includes whipped cream, marshmallows, and sprinkles. Gingerbread cookies are also being sold for one dollar each,” said Worrel.

 Students who participated in serving the hot chocolate and treats will be rewarded with a service hour. Students who donated gluten-free marshmallows for people with other dietary needs were also given one service hour for donating.

“This is new for me this year, there are seniors on the gala board and they pick two juniors to shadow them for the event and one of them chose me,” said Jane MacKinnon, junior. 

Fundraisers like this are created with the purpose of getting students involved. Not only does HOSA do fundraisers, but they are very motivated to get students interested in health care so that they are more involved with Athens.

“I think it’s important for students to join HOSA because it’s a great way to meet other students with very similar interests and to have fun experiences related to health and medicine,” said Worrel. 

Student Addisyn Smith came up with the hot chocolate stand idea to help HOSA meet the goal of 1000 dollars for the Sweetheart Charity Gala. The idea ended up being a big success, raising over 1300 dollars, they sold out of hot chocolate daily. 

“Typically our on-site school fundraiser is the sale of Valentine Grams. You purchase these bags of candy for friends or teachers that get delivered on Valentine’s Day. This year we have another, new fundraiser added with the Hot Cocoa Sales,” said Worrel.

While the smaller fundraisers are gaining money for the charity gala, the Sweetheart Charity Gala is donating the money that is earned to a local charity: Kimberly’s Touch.

“Kimberly’s Touch is this year’s recipient. It is a non-profit assisting patients undergoing breast cancer treatment providing patient resources and advocacy,” said Worrel.

This year the HOSA-ran Sweetheart Charity Gala is being held on February 10, 2024. Students can go with friends or alone to dance and have fun while helping support a charitable organization.

“It was a ton of fun helping out with the hot chocolate stand, I hope I can be involved in something like this again in the future,” said MacKinnon.

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