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Kerri-Ann Ruthven: her role in the library

Photos by Taylor Malloy
Photo of Athens’ library desktops. Mrs. Ruthven keeps technology in the library updated and organized.

Many don’t realize just how important a library is to a school. Not only is it the place where classes of students come to get quiet working time, but it’s the place where literature and chromebooks are handled. The work that happens within the library often goes unnoticed. Kerri Ann Ruthven is Athens Drive’s media specialist and can usually be found doing tasks such as updating technology or distributing Chromebooks in the library. 

I am responsible for checking out day-use Chromebooks for students, circulating books for students and staff, troubleshooting technology around the school and teaching research skills lessons for classes,” said Ruthven. 

As a media specialist, Ruthven was responsible for distributing Chromebooks for the students when Wake County first purchased the laptops for the students during the 2021-2022 school year. Understanding the Chromebooks and distributing them to all students could be overwhelming to some, but Ruthven was able to handle it. 

“I do not have any actual training for technology, that was not taught to us in Library School when I received my Masters. The technology aspects have just evolved and increased over the years and I’ve had to just learn by doing,” said Ruthven. 

According to, in order to be a public school librarian in North Carolina, one must have a master’s degree in library and information science. However, library schooling can not always train one for all aspects of the job, as Ruthven mentioned, adjusting as you go is crucial to the job. Ruthven provides a helpful tip for new librarians with the following.

“Get to know your students and their interests so that you can purchase books that reflect all student voices and experiences,” said Ruthven. 

On top of being a media specialist, Ruthven is also the head coach of Athen’s women’s golf. Her responsibilities include communicating with other coaches in the Cap-6 conference to set up matches, and contacting the team about times of practices and matches.

Ruthven is great as a coach, she is very kind and always understanding,” said Charlotte Holcombe, golf team member. 

Ruthven jokes about being “voluntold” by Athens’ athletic director, Travis Seese, to be the coach due to her membership at a golf course and love for the sport. 

“I also am in the library for the first period every day since my AP Physics class is online. I always see Mrs. Ruthven working with a smile on her face,” said Holcombe. 

Athens’ library is not only a school library, but a public library, so the public is allowed to look through and check out books after school hours end, allowing students to be able to check out books through the Wake County library card.

“There is a handful of Public Library staff that work during the evenings and weekends,” said Ruthven. 

Ruthven is loved by the students of Athens’ along with the staff. She plays a crucial role in the functioning of the library and enjoys many aspects of her job.

“I get to hang out with students but not have to give them homework or grades!” said Ruthven. 

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