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Athens Drive 2022 recap

Photos by Lauryn Webb

This past year has been one of regained normalcy. Once again, we’ve welcomed ourselves back to the culture that is Athens Drive: sports rivalries, plays, pep rallies, and so much more As 2022 has officially come to an end, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the past year.

The season is only six games in, so there is still an agenda to see to. The team strives to pave the way for the seasonal conference. (Photos by Zoe Politis)

Cary game (winning all)

There may not be a more united moment than the football game that fueled Athen’s timeless rivalry with Cary High. On Nov. 18, the Cary Imps hosted the Athens basketball teams for our first game of the season. The men’s and women’s varsity teams pulled through a big win against our rivals. The men’s team won 51-41, and the women’s team won 61-51. This was a highly anticipated game due to social media trash-talking from both teams. Any sports games against Cary bring out a large crowd, as students fill the stands to cheer on our fellow student-athletes. 


Starting last year, senior Zoe Politis brought back powderpuff for all grade levels at Athens. The big game(s) took place last year on Nov. 2, 2022. Football players and cheerleaders switch locations on the field to raise money for the SPCA. This school year, the event raised $1,717 and went towards stopping the abuse and neglect of animals. The seniors won against the freshman, the juniors won against the sophomores, the sophomores won against the freshman, and the seniors took home the championship title against the juniors in the final game. The stands and sidelines were filled with energy as family and friends watched the girls take on the field, as the boys took on the pom poms.

The Athens Drive marching band takes the title of “Grand Champions”

For two consecutive competitions in a row, the Athens Drive band won first place out of a large competition pool. The show was titled “Hooked on Classics”, and featured an abundance of recognizable music like Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue

The wind instruments preparing for a performance. Waverly place hosted a lights festival. (Photos by Patricia Luck )

in D minor” or Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” which contributed to the attraction of the performance. The band is quite familiar with receiving first place, as they’ve won their “class” every year since 1997. The band has worked tirelessly over the weeks and summers for this enormous title and reputation: one that only about 10 bands state-wide have received.

Athens Fall play- Grim & Gruesome Grimm

Nov. 2 through Nov. 4, the Athens drive Theater department took on the spooky production Grim & Gruesome Grimm. Ashlynn Hayes is the head of the Fine Arts department. She has directed many plays and musicals but nothing like Grim & Gruesome Grimm, which brought on a “dark, edgy version of a fairytale”. The crowd loved the performance as there was nothing but cheers throughout the crowd. Last year, in 2022, their performance Beehive was a “Welcome back from Covid” show, so the cast was excited to really dive into this different performance.

Code red lockdown

On Nov. 18, 2022, the jaguars experienced a terrifying code red experience. With gunshots heard on campus, students were sent into a whirlwind of fear, immediately trying to leave or find cover. The lack of knowledge of the situation triggered more fear than the code red itself. Police reached the school campus quickly, it was later informed that the gunshots were not a school-related activity, but rather an outside issue that reached too close to campus. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the fear of public school gun issues became a reality for the students of Athens Drive.

Men’s senior night soccer

Our men’s soccer team took on the Green Level Gators on Sept. 23 for senior night. The theme was camo-out and a big crowd of students came to support and recognize the class of 2023 seniors. Although the game resulted in a draw (0-0) it was an exhilarating game that both the players and fans enjoyed. The team and fans gathered at Cookout after the game, which is a popular sport for post-sporting events fun!

Seniors were spotted at the homecoming football game against Sanderson. Students dress in all white to support the game’s theme. (Photos by Lauryn Webb)

Pep rally/homecoming game

The pep rally and the homecoming/coming home games are always enjoyable ways to get the students of Athens Drive excited for the new sports seasons. Tons of fans fill the crowd with fun game themes. The homecoming game was a powder out, with the students dressed in all white, with orange and blue powder thrown to show jaguar spirit. The homecoming game was an exhilarating game to attend, as the team put their blood, sweat, and tears into the game. The coming home game was a white lies theme, where fans dressed in white shirts with an inaccurate statement written in sharpie on the front. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams crushed the Heritage Huskies. The homecoming and coming home games are packed with students excited to cheer on their teams.

Men’s and women’s swim teams win

Stella Andrews diving into the pool during a big meet. The women’s and men’s swim teams dominated the meet. (Photos by Nora Richards)

The Athens drive men’s and women’s swim teams both placed first in their second meet of the season on Dec. 8. Athens Drive, Middle Creek, Panther Creek, and Southeast Raleigh competed against each other at Triangle Aquatic Center, and this was the first time both the men’s and women’s teams took home the win since Shane Barry has been coaching.

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