The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


Blue Crew in full color

Photos by Lauryn Webb
Athens Drive Blue Crew cheering on their football team against South Garner. The student section is dressed in all blue to show spirit.

“When I say Jag, you say Nation!”

A crowd full of chaos, culture and colors takes the stands to support Athens Drive athletes. Whether the team is toughing it out at a difficult game or bringing home the win, Blue Crew is bringing enthusiasm to Jaguar Stadium. 

Blue Crew is the entire student section of Athens Drive, but ten senior leaders take charge of the group, typically being some of the most vocal and on-theme students. These ten seniors lead the culture; they make signs, start cheers, go big on themes and encourage the presence and positivity of all students by standing on the fence for all to see and hear. Blue Crew aspires to encourage students from all grade levels to show support for the teams and participate in cheers bringing energy to the stands.

“When the crowd is packed and wild, not only does it make the experience more enjoyable and engaging for the students, it makes the athletes more excited to play. Everyone loves having people come out to watch them play, and it’s important we stay positive no matter the score,” said Nifemi Kalejaiye, senior Blue Crew leader.

Themes are a huge part of the sporting events experience. Blue Crew establishes themes for games that are appropriate, inclusive and approved by Coach Seese. A few themes this year include pink out, neon out and wild west. Students wear colorful clothes, hats, and paint that connect to the theme.

Instagram is the primary source of communication between Blue Crew and the rest of the student body (@adnbluecrew). With the use of developed graphics and story posts, all the information– including location, times, and themes– needed for upcoming events can be found on this account. Blue Crew endorses other activities for students to participate in, such as Powder Puff (women’s football) and Volleybros (men’s volleyball tournament).

“When students have easy access to all information involving school events with fun and appealing graphics, it increases the turnout for the occasions,” said Kathryn Evenhouse, senior.

Students dressed in neon and bright colors to support the jags in their battle with Apex. Seniors pictured claiming the fence. (Photos by Zoe Politis)

Though Blue Crew is known for growing the spirit at sporting events, they participate in other aspects of the school as well. In the past years, Blue Crew members have gone to Swift Creek Elementary and read to third graders, handed out cookies to bus drivers during Bus Driver Appreciation Week, and spoken at leadership events. Blue Crew values sportsmanship as it has become extremely valued in the NCHSAA CAP-6 Conference in Raleigh.

“It’s important that the leaders are good representatives of Athens Drive; they endorse positive cheering for our student-athletes, as well as helping out at other student-based events,” said Travis Seese, Director of Athletics and Supervisor of Blue Crew.

Not only is it encouraged to get involved in school events, but the athletes appreciate seeing the support of smiling faces up in the stands. Blue Crew is not just limited to the senior leaders; it is for the entire student body to make high school experiences more enjoyable for all.

“We hope to pass down the culture and spirit to current underclassman leaders so they can get a sense of the gameday environment resulting in the student section continuing to thrive and be loud for our athletes on the field in years to come,” said Kalejaiye.

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