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Athens Drive men’s basketball season travels road to championship

Photos by Ben Lim
The Athens logo in the upper main gym, where the team plays their home games. The crowd energy here is unmatched and many of the tickets to these games are sold out in a short period of time.

The Athens Drive men’s basketball team has been playing at their peak performance so far seventeen games into their season. At the time of this article being written, their record is 12-5 and they are currently the top team in their respective conference, but they didn’t get there without hard work and determination. The team is coached by William St. John, who has been coaching basketball players for 22 years, seven of those being at Athens. 

“I enjoy the rapport we build with our athletes and the relationships fostered during each season,” said St. John. 

The team is anchored by three key players: Shaun Kenedy, Elijah Harris, and Dynaven Lyons. Kenedy is a senior who plays both guard positions and leads the team in steals, rebounds, and assists. He is only second in points scored per game to Elijah Harris.  Harris is the starting center for the team and leads the team with the highest shooting percentage. He is also excellent at taking charges, which is purposely standing in front of a player on offense as he is driving to the hoop and hoping they run you over which sometimes leads to an offensive foul called on said player. As expected of him, he leads the team in rebounds as well. He has seen the many ups and downs of this squad, having played multiple years. 

Lyons is a junior that exclusively plays the point guard position. Point guards are usually the shortest player on the team, but make a huge impact in-game. In Lyon’s case, he is gifted in passing, one of the two traits a point guard has on offense, the other being shooting. He trails Kenedy in assists and steals in only second place, but he is a lockdown defender nonetheless. 

“[Dynaven] is a high-energy player and a great defender,” said St. John. 

Last season wasn’t one to remember, as the team only won an underwhelming three games according to St. John. Covid hit the league hard with many players contracting the virus and many new regulations affecting practices and gameplay. Injuries also plagued the roster, and as a result, many players and coaches did not get to build relationships and gain trust in each other’s abilities. 

Covid carried on into this year as well. The team’s lineup was mostly limited to less than ten players with injuries and illnesses, with starters sometimes out as well, but the Jaguars were determined not to let it get in their way as their record shows. As a result, many other pivotal players stepped up into roles they might have not been used to but soon grew accustomed to, becoming better players as a result. 

Defense was another huge part of the ongoing success of the Jaguars’ season. With their lineup full of elite defenders who have held opposing teams to less than fifty points a night, it is no surprise that they have amassed many wins already. 

We want to hold every team we face under their average and make the game as difficult as possible for them,” said St. John.  

The players are also elated with their wins so far, especially after their recent conference championship win over the visiting Cardinal Gibbons team. The regular season has ended and the postseason has begun. The Jaguars will face Leesville on February 16 for the conference semi-finals which is a must-win. As expected, the Athens team wants to “get that bread.” 

I think we have the potential to go all the way, definitely a conference title, we just have to hold each other accountable and actually want to do it and not just say we do,” Harris, the team’s starting center, spoke of the team. 

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