Girls Lacrosse

Melissa Mitchell, Computer Expert

Girls Lacrosse

Athens Drive’s lacrosse season is coming up and girls from all grades are practicing for tryouts Feb. 6. Workouts are now in session and with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced all players are training and preparing for the season ahead.

A women’s lacrosse field is usually 60 yards wide and 120 yards in length, with a center circle and a half field line. There are two restraining lines in each half of the field. Each restraining line is 30 yards from it’s opposing goal. At any time during the game there can only be a maximum of eight defensive players (including the goalie) and seven offensive players.

Defenders in the critical scoring area have to allow the other team’s attackers a free space to the goal when they are on offense.

Cassi Decker, freshman said, “Being a Defender means making sure the ball does not get in our goal, or even close to it. It’s an important position and I’m super excited to be one this season.”

Lacrosse workouts consist of passing the lacrosse ball around in various ways and situations. Different plays are practiced and for the beginners, the basics of the game are taught. Each girl practices multiple positions and eventually gets to decide which position they want to play throughout the season, depending on what they are best at and is most enjoyable.

“I think I’m going to be an Midfielder. Since this is my first time playing I’m mainly trying to learn what all the lacrosse terms mean, but I am really excited to be on a team,” said Silvia Chabaneix, freshman.

The girls junior varsity lacrosse team all try out together and there are no cuts to make the team. As long as the players who are trying out know the basics of the game they should have success in earning a spot on the junior varsity team. Making the varsity team involves more skill and knowledge of the game. Most varsity players are not new to the game and have been playing for at least a couple seasons. The varsity team consists of mostly juniors and seniors but all grade levels have a chance of making the team.

Hopefully both of the the jaguars girls lacrosse teams have successful seasons. If the teams do well in the regular season, they both have a chance to play additional games in the playoffs.

“I’m super excited for this season, it should be awesome,” said Silvia Chabenix, Freshman.