The Glass Slipper Ball

Amber Doyle, Assistant Business Manager

Athens Drive High School held its annual Glass Slipper Ball, Feb. 7, to celebrate WCPSS Character Traits.  There are between five and six students nominated for each grade level.  These students were recognized by the teachers for not only exemplifying superior character traits but also for their academic achievements.

The occasion was held in the upper gym where they transformed the usual gym setting to “A Night Under the Stars.”

“I was excited to be on the Glass Slipper Ball court and proud that my teachers thought highly of me,” said Hannah Baldwin, freshman.

The Glass Slipper Ball helps students at Athens Drive become more aware of their actions inside and outside of school as well as follow WCPSS guidelines.  Emilia Migliaccio, sophomore, is one out of the 23 nominees for the Glass Slipper Ball.

“I always try to be polite to my peers as well as my teachers.  It’s always been important to me.  So, it’s nice to know that my teachers have noted this and I’m honored,” said Migliaccio.

One senior out of the Glass Slipper Ball court is picked by the administrators and receives a glass slipper as a prize.  The glass slipper represents her positive character and attitude.  This year’s winner, Senior Kelli Davidson was also the homecoming queen.

“I am really impressed with what I have heard and I am proud of her,” said Mary Katherine Baker, sophomore council advisor.

Although students are nominated by teachers, Glass Slipper Ball is organized by the sophomore class council.  The sophomore class council has spent endless months organizing and planning for this event.  Baker aided the students at Athens Drive when coming up with the theme as well as the decorations.

Baker has been the advisor for the Glass Slipper Ball for three years and has helped by reserving an area to hold the event, reserving a DJ, getting teachers to nominate and vote for the court and planning days that the sophomore class council can meet,  In addition to all the preparation and planning, the student council members and Mrs.Baker spent six hours setting up for the Glass Slipper Ball.

“The Glass Slipper Ball was amazing and beautifully decorated.  The sophomore class council did an excellent job and I hope they continue this tradition next year.”  Khadijah Hendrix, sophomore.