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The official student news site of Athens Drive High School


The high school swim team’s big month before the meet

Blythe Holloway, Lindsay Grant, Nora Richards, Maris Miller show their excitement for this year’s swim season. Photos courtesy of Lauryn Webb.

At Athens Drive High School, swimmers are ecstatic as the swim team prepares  for the upcoming conference meet. With just a month to go, the team is diving headfirst into serious preparation mode.


After school practices become a routine, Coach Paul Elaisa blows the whistle, kickstarting daily practices. Picture this: the pool filled with splashes and swimmers racing back and forth. Jackson Scheiber and Cooper Beebe, two star swimmers, lead the team, raising the bar high for everyone. Coach Elaisa is like the captain of this ship, guiding them through drills to construct the swimmer’s strokes efficiently. 


It’s not all about swimming, though. The team bonds extend beyond the pool. Meals together, study sessions, and pep talks create a tight and close group. They’re not just teammates, they’re like family, always there for each other and keeping spirits high.


“You get to have friends in and out of the water”, said Matthew Hutchins, junior on the Athens Drive Swim Team.


To amp up team spirit, some activities require teamwork. Trust exercises and friendly competitions bring out the laughs. It’s all a big part of building a positive vibe that gets behind the team.


Fueling up is important too. The team works together to make sure everyone’s bodies are ready for action. Proteins, carbs, and vitamins become essentials. The team knows it’s not just about big muscles; a healthy body is a winning body.


“The swim team is like family to me; we work our hardest together and help everybody out to strive in and out of the pool,” said Ryan Ashrafi, sophomore on the Athens Drive Swim Team.


As the meet day approaches, tenseness builds. The conference meet isn’t just a race, it’s their chance to prove what all their hard work was for. Coach Elaisa stresses the importance of staying strong mentally. Visualizing helps them picture success and prepares them mentally for the pressure.


The last week of practice before the conference is like a whirlpool. Practices get adjusted to match meet conditions, and the team pushes even harder. 


On the night before the meet, the team gathers for a team talk. Coach Elaisa’s words mix encouragement and pride. Dressed in their team gear, they’re a united front, ready to jump into the pool and give it their all.


From early practices to the day of the conference meet, the team has come a long way. It’s been tough, but it’s also been a lesson in teamwork. The high school swim team isn’t just a bunch of swimmers, they’re a crew with a shared goal. Stepping onto the pool deck, you can feel the whirring of their month-long preparation, a mix of hard work and team spirit ready to make a splash at the upcoming meet.

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