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Athens hosts annual “Volleybros” event to benefit charity

Photos by Taylor Malloy
The Jump, Set, Spice team as Mason Dancausse jump serves the ball and later goes on to win the game.

Athens hosted their yearly Volleybros tournament Friday, March 17, where the proceeds went to Haven House Services of North Carolina. During Volleybros the boys of Athens Drive put together a team of 6-10 members and play against the other teams.

“Volleybros has been around for 17 to 18 years… we turned it into a charity tournament seven years ago,” said Christopher Remaley, student council advisor. 

The registration fee was five dollars per player, and all of the money gathered from the event goes directly to charity of the Haven House. This year, 10 teams registered, exceeding the minimum of 6 players per team.

“I love it, it’s straight up fun, games, everyone has a good time, and [the money raised] goes to a good cause,” said Remaley. 

Boys around the school often have fun forming their teams and have the chance to get creative by creating a team name and uniform. 

“I was super excited about Volleybros this year. When I was making my team I tried to pick people that I thought would be able to win the tournament,” said Paul Harrell, sophomore. 

Harrell’s team consisted of seven members, including himself. Harrell was injured before Volleybros and was not able to play, instead he decided to support his team from the sidelines by  coaching them. 

“I really tried to hype them up and keep their heads in the game. It was lots of fun to give them any advice that I had to give,” said Harrell.

Harrell’s team consisted of many members from the baseball team and was named “Pinkies”. The team wore pink shirts to represent their name. 

“Pink is my favorite color, so when I was picking a name I just thought about what I wanted the uniform to be,” said Harrell. 

The women’s volleyball team at Athens was also very excited for this event. The team members arrived at the gym early to set up for Volleybros. 

“The whole team has been really excited about this so we had no problem getting the gym ready,”  said Charlotte Holcombe, volleyball player. 

Additionally the women’s volleyball team volunteered to referee and coach the games. The girls also helped to teach many of the first time Volleybro players a few essential skills before the tournament started.

“The volleyball team helped us a lot, when I walked in I didn’t know much about how to play volleyball but once the tournament started, I felt confident,” said Anderson Hanes, sophomore. 

The volleyball team had fun teaching and playing with the Volleybro teams and was happy to be able to help for a good cause.

“We pretty much always have a good time whenever we get to come together and play some volleyball, so helping with Volleybros felt great because it was for a good cause as well,” said Holcombe. 

The winner of the tournament was Head Volleyball coach, Connor Bayer’s, team called “Swat Team”. Bayer has also won in his previous Volleybros tournament from 2022, making him a valuable member to recruit in the future. 

“Bayer is really good, if I were picking teams for Volleybros, I would definitely go to him first,” said Holcombe.

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