Girls Soccer Team reflects on season


Photos by rose

Junior Varsity soccer girls assembling a game plan before the match against Green Hope High School. Here it is showing the competitive and excitement.

Soccer is a well known world wide sport that brings countries, families, and friends all together. The objective of the game is to have possession of the ball and to score on the opposing team, but it is not always just about scoring in this sport. Soccer can have a big impact on peoples individual lives. 

Addison Michael is a Freshman forward on Junior Varsity at Athens Drive Magnet High School.With this being her first year playing at Athens, and so far she is enjoying being on the soccer team. She has a passion for soccer. Sports in general may be it is seen as a competition or an extra thing to do at school, but it means more to Addi. it is more than just a sport to her.

“I love soccer because it keeps me in shape, I make a lot of friends, and I love when I’m playing and my team is cheering or Friday night games when we play in a stadium under the lights. When it’s raining and you can hardly see anything which doesn’t seem fun, but it is exciting when you love the sport. I definitely will continue playing for all 4 years of high school and most likely play in college too. ”

Francessca Brady, senior, is a wing and forward on the varsity team. She’s played on varsity since freshman year and, as this season is nearing the end, it’s a bittersweet moment for her. 

 “It feels different to be the oldest on the team. I’ve been on varsity since I was a freshman and I’ve always been considered the baby. Now that I am a senior and all my upperclassmen friends are gone it’s strange to be considered ‘a leader’. I’m excited for this season and to finish out an era of my life. I’ve been playing 15 years now and I’m grateful to be able to finish out my final games with Athens,” said Brady. 

To Brady, sport is about the people you play with. 

“ I love soccer because of the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve met some of my best friends through the sport, I love going out and competing alongside my friends. There’s nothing more rewarding than hard work paying off,” said Brady. 

It’s easy to overlook the women’s soccer team and rather focus in on the means team. However, the women’s team earned a number of successes that deserve recognition.  Last season At Athens Drive the girls’ soccer team ranked number 9 out of 25 in the Finals for East soccer rankings and 2 girls on the team had made onto the All-State girls’ soccer team. 

 “I think as the years go on people are starting to appreciate women’s soccer more and more. Especially Athens Women’s soccer. Considering how good we’ve been in the past few years I think people are starting to respect what we do and what we’ve accomplished,” said Brady.


The beginning of the game between both schools. Showing the hardworking athletes the girl’s soccer team can be.