Sophomore student council organizes winter dance

Natalie Van Genderen, Staff Writer

Every winter the sophomore class council is in charge of organizing the Glass Slipper Ball, a formal school dance that students of all grades are able to attend. This year’s Glass Slipper Ball will be 8-11 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 1 in the Athens Drive upper gym. The sophomore council determined that “Enchanted Nights” would be the theme of the dance to complement the winter season.

“We decided to make the dance into a Masquerade Ball this year since that hasn’t been done in the past for any Glass Slipper Ball,” said Erin Kenedy, sophomore.

Kenedy is one of the two co-presidents of the sophomore class council, along with Xavier
Milton, and said the council has worked hard to plan a dance that the students will enjoy.

“I feel like the themes and decorations for Glass Slipper don’t always change much from year to year, so the masquerade aspect of it this year will add something new,” said Kenedy.

The Glass Slipper Ball is a Sadie Hawkins dance, meaning that the girls are responsible for asking the guys to go as their dates. All other school dances, including prom, are typically “guys ask girls,” which is one reason that makes Glass Slipper different.

Other than the homecoming hallways in the fall, the Glass Slipper Ball is the main
responsibility of the sophomore class council during the school year. The members begin planning months in advance to make decorations for the gym and gym lobby, arrange a DJ for the night, and advertise the event around the school.

Along with the actual dance, there is another special feature of the Glass Slipper Ball that is very unique to Athens Drive. Five girls are selected from each grade to be members of the Glass Slipper Ball Court.

These girls are nominated by teachers throughout second quarter based on their excellent character and academic achievements that they show at Athens. Out of these 20 nominees, one senior is chosen by the administration as the winner and receives a glass slipper prize, representing her positive
character and contribution to the school.

The nominees for the court will be selected by the faculty at the beginning of the second semester. With the assistance of Mary Katherine Baker, sophomore class advisor and science teacher, the council will continue to organize all of the planning details for Glass Slipper Ball and will spend the day of the dance transforming the gym into an “Enchanted Night.”