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Grady Hartis is a senior at Athens Drive; he is graduating in 2023. After high school, Grady is attending N.C. State.

Senior Spotlight: Grady Hartis

Most seniors in high school have immense pressure on them to figure out what they want to do after graduating. It’s a time of excitement and the opening of new chapters, and a time of uncertainty.
“I’m going to N.C. State to major in international studies and global sustainability, and after that, I hope to become an urban planter and work in city planting,” said Grady Hartis, senior.
Hartis aspires to pursue a career in city planting and become an urban planter postcollege.
“Honestly, I’m just really bad at math, like calculus and stuff like that. I’ve almost gotten a ‘C,’ but I’ve overcome it by working hard.” said Hartis.
Hartis putting in extra work outside of school to get better at things.
“Just a positive attitude, people respecting each other. Just everyone having the same positive mindset,” said Hartis.
Hartis believes in giving to receive; to him, being positive creates a positive environment.
“I’m just proud of graduating with a solid grade,” said Hartis.
Hartis has stayed on the AB honor roll for every year of his high school career, which is an accomplishment that fills him with pride.
“I think it’s really simple because everything for my classes is more concentrated on the computer,” said Hartis.
Hartis believes online work makes it easier to keep up with his assignments and coursework.
“I think the best thing is really, while you think the responsibility is big, it doesn’t have big implications,” said Hartis.
Hartis believes that anything you do wrong in school, you can make right. You get to take control of your own life by the decisions you choose to make at school.
“I’ve already taken Mrs. Luna’s class, but I think it would be really fun to see how the yearbook functions, even if it’s just for a day,” said Hartis.
If Hartis could enroll in another class, it would be Mrs. Luna’s class.
“Grady has been great to have in class because he gets really, really excited about things, and that helps bring the class kind of together, and to make class more exciting,”said Shane Barry, teacher.
“Being a risk taker practicing Spanish is really inspiring. He tries hard to put sentences together that are really accurate even when he has not seen that kind of construction before, ” said Juan Bravo-Martin, teacher.
Hartis tries in Spanish; he takes risks to improve his knowledge.
“(Hartis is) excited about learning,” said Bravo-Martin.
Bravo-Martin believes Hartis finds interest in Spanish.
“He created a really funny poster that is located in the World Languages hallway,” said Bravo-Martin.

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