BBSU educates students and staff on racial equality

February 21, 2023


Photos by Lexi Arana Banegas

A periodic table that appreciates Black scientist at Athens drive shows that the hard work that African Americans once completed are now recognized.


African Americans facing racism, discrimination, and hate crimes, have been an ongoing problem for years even while having the protest and riots to spread awareness, clubs, and a month for their appreciation. Black History Month originated in 1976 right during the Jim Crow era, BHM honors what African Americans contribute and recognizes the sacrifices made to get where we are right now in society.  A big factor of racism is faced in school, between teachers and students, students and students, and how it is all handled and should be handled.

 At Athens Drive Magnet High School, We have the Black and Brown Student Union (BBSU) club that strives to inform others about the struggles that African Americans go through day to day. 

“The BBSU Athens Drive Black and the brown student union will be bringing awareness to racism and empowerment and successively bias through our meetings, Happy black history month,” said Kennedy Truitt, BBSU member.

This is one way racism is being recognized, it’s being talked about in school.  Racism isn’t something that will go away, but we can change the way it is handled in all aspects.  

“One time I was not able in middle school to get into an honors English class despite my great exam grades and my grades always being straight A’s due to me being a colored African American,” said Truitt.

School is supposed to be a safe place for all students, they say.

“All the students at that school in the honors classes were predominantly white, my mom did some digging, and it turned out to not be a coincidence,” said Truitt.

You’d wonder what the principal of the school is doing to help, apparently nothing if it can be taken this far. The school must have a history of being racist if nobody is doing anything about it.

“A small example of being treated differently as a young adult is mainly working in service areas, I work in service so I try to be unbiased with everybody. Unfortunately, it is very common to see it with coworkers and bosses seeing them treat people differently based on the color of their skin,” said Truitt.

Racism isn’t a tiny inconvenience or a problem that just goes unnoticed or overlooked,  it can be anywhere. 

“You are given a choice. I don’t think people forcefully make anyone speak out about something that has happened to you, you have the complete space to do that but I know that speaking out may not always change anything but it will make you feel better although everyone is not always listening,” said Truitt.

Speaking out is optional, but even if it isn’t effective it’ll always be appreciated by someone, whether you or someone else.

 “No, when I speak I speak up really loud, and If a teacher does not listen or acknowledge go to an administrator, and if they don’t listen you go to the Wake County superintendent and that’s how you use your voice,” said Truitt. 

This is what it means to speak up if you are unheard once it doesn’t mean you give up. You don’t have to necessarily agree with, or like everyone, but you should at least be able to tolerate them.

“Having a completely unbiased state and being more aware of their subconscious biases you would see a lot more improvement in the world,” said Truitt.

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