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It is important to eat healthy and to take care of yourself.

High-schoolers can reach health and fitness goals

Many of us have experienced at least one time in our lives where we’ve looked in the mirror and wanted to be a healthier and more active version of ourselves. Sadly, the mainstream media has taken advantage of this and doesn’t push for a safe,fulfilling and long term plan. Every person is different ranging from gender, age, and the goals they want to meet, so pushing safe and attainable goals that will leave someone feeling great emotionally and physically are the best option! 


Stay Focused on What Really Matters

It’s scary how easily things can turn south but it’s just as easy to take precautions so it won’t happen! Don’t focus on something that you dislike about yourself, focus on how much you care about your body and mind that you want it to be the best version of itself it can be. Self-love will get you further in a positive direction than not liking yourself will. This is by far the most important step because you’ll have a support system when it gets tough to keep going.


Small Changes Make a Big Impact

I’ve personally been down the road of doing the most in one week and being incredibly disappointed with the results, not surprisingly, and eventually giving up. This ended up doing more damage because I wasn’t going about it the right way.

When you look up to someone for fitness or health inspiration they didn’t get there in a few days or weeks, they have a lot of time and hard work under their belt. It’s all about those small changes that may seem insignificant at first glance. 


Get More Active No Matter How Much

Start by improving the amount of time you give to being physically active. This may seem obvious but it’s overlooked far too often. A resource too many of us take for granted is the ability to just walk outside. A walk of just 15-20 minutes a day does wonders for my mental and physical health and to anyone who tries it. This is a great way to incorporate physical activity. 

If you find yourself enjoying these walks, running may be the next best thing for you. Either way both are challenging yet very rewarding. Don’t focus on times or distances, focus on how it makes you feel and it’ll eventually become an enjoyable activity part of your everyday life.

I know it may be awkward at first and you’ll feel out of your comfort zone. It’s worth it. The hardest part is starting. There are many other options but these are some that require no equipment or training.


Healthier Eating Habits are Attainable

Fueling your body is a must, you need to treat it kindly and nourish it to function properly. If not, it won’t set you up for long lasting results. That being said, you can’t just feed yourself energy drinks and junk food 24/7.

A great first step is minimizing junk food and fast food. Key word minimizing, not cutting out completely, because quitting almost anything cold turkey isn’t realistic and typically won’t last long. Start by knowing how much junk food and/or fast food you consume, it may surprise you. Then, set small yet reasonable goals such as getting a grilled option instead of fried, or eating some fruit along with your snack. The overlooked option is learning recipes and eating at home more. 

These steps will help you figure out a balance that you’ll keep for the long run. If you need motivation or ideas, there are so many more blogs, articles, and youtube videos that are available on any phone or laptop. 


Be Kind and Patient with Yourself

Remember that you are taking steps to better your health that will stay with you forever, this will take time. Be patient and don’t expect results immediately. Consistency will always be key and if you need to write it down and then frame it somewhere do it. Don’t be hard on yourself and don’t give up, keep pushing yourself to be the best you can be. 

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