Athens Drive Women’s Association breaking boundaries in the community

Emma Grace Lehmann, Online Editor

September 25, 2019

An upcoming club led by, consisting of, and inspired by women is looking to break boundaries at Athens Drive High School (ADHS) and in their community. Athens Drive Women's Association (ADWA) is a newly developed club created ...

Local and worldwide Women’s Marches shed light on current issues

Julia Kocsis, Assistant Editor

February 23, 2018

This January, on the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, thousands of people congregated in Raleigh's Halifax Mall to participate in the second annual Women’s March. Participants in the rally were “feminists” of all...

Equality for Women

Danasia Wills, Business Manager

March 22, 2017

A statue placed in celebration of International Women's Day on Wall Street was completely disrespected. The statue featured a little girl called “Fearless Women.” A man came along and assumed it was his right to freedom o...

Donald Trump

Savannah Allred, News Editor

January 4, 2017

     An audio recording of Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee, explicitly making derogatory statements about assaulting women from 2005 was leaked October 7. Trump was having a conversation with Billy Bush, an american r...

Cat calling should not be considered normal

Kirsten Wesselow, Copy Editor

May 4, 2015

Imagine a woman is walking down the street, minding her own business. Suddenly, a man she has never met in her life bellows, “hey girl, nice butt!” The woman is frustrated, but she eventually brushes it off. What is more difficult...