The safety raft to survive freshman year

Rachel Parker

September 30, 2013

Every year, hundreds of ninth graders are thrown into the vast pools of high school to survive on their own. Many freshmen have questions about ways to get through the first year of high school, but as they strive to achieve e...

New teachers arrive at Athens

Logan Pearce, PR Manager

September 30, 2013

Two new teachers, Kimberly Clay and Sandra Childrey, have come to teach science and mathematics, respectively, at Athens Drive.  Both teachers taught eighth grade students at Dillard Drive Middle School last year. “I have been teac...

Q&A with Grace Sideris

Reilly Swennes, Staff Writer

September 20, 2013

Grace Sideris, Senior, sits down and talks about her musical talents, school life, hobbies, gives advice on reaching goals and tips she uses to juggle schoolwork.   Why do you play the fiddle? “I originally started when I was f...

PowerSchool replaces SPAN for all NC schools

Tristan Thomas, Assistant Editor

September 15, 2013

For the 2013-2014 school year, all schools in North Carolina have switched grading systems from SPAN to PowerSchool. SPAN was paired with the NCWISE system, it was used for teachers to organize students grades, as well as to p...