Who is Wesley Nelson?


Wesley Nelson, a Varsity Soccer player at Athens Drive High School, first started playing soccer in fourth grade. Now, he works the field of Athens Drive.

 “I first started playing soccer in fourth grade which is pretty late compared to most,” Wesley said. Joining in fourth grade is later than most kids, but he is still determined.

Wesley then went on to join the Athens JV team in their first year of high school, but he was bumped up to Varsity at the beginning of his sophomore year. It did not go the way Wesley wanted because he got injured before his first game. 

“I got pulled up to varsity at the beginning of his sophomore year and it didn’t go the way I wanted because I got injured before I could even play in a game,’ said Wesley.

 Even though Wesley was injured he still went to every game and practice to study how they play and he learned a lot ”But I learned a lot from watching on the sidelines and going to the practices.”

Wesley has a positive outlook on his future in soccer ”My goal is to continue soccer at a college level and if I continue to get better and better through college, I would like to play professionally.”

Wesley’s biggest inspiration in soccer throughout his whole life has been Lionel Messi, one of the greatest soccer players ever.” My biggest Inspiration and the person I watched the most when I started playing soccer was Lionel Messi.” 

Wesley has tried to imitate Messi’s play style by watching him play and copying his moves. 

”I’ve tried to imitate his play style because I think he is the best player of all time.”

Wesley’s soccer coach Jeffery Nelson says he is a team player and is a huge part of the team’s success. 

As a soccer player he’s a tremendous part of our success,” said Coach Nelson.

 He also says Wesley is a very kind and hardworking person ”He’s a good teammate, is a good student, has a great work ethic, and is dedicated to the success of the team.”