Women’s soccer kicks through successful season


Photos by ADHS Women's Soccer

The varsity soccer teams group picture for the end of last season.

One of the most popular sports at Athens Drive is soccer. The women’s soccer team is doing exceptionally well this season, winning the majority of their games by a good margin. The varsity team’s record is currently 13-1-2.  Meaning, thirteen wins, one tie, and two loses. This is a 0.88 Win percentage. They are 1st in the conference overall at the time of this article.  The team has definitely exceeded expectations for the season. 

Soccer is a very popular international sport.  In soccer, the players want to maintain possession of the ball.  The main objective is to score on the goal and not let the other team’s goalie block the ball. The competitive nature of soccer makes it a great sport to spectate. 

Lyla Wells, freshman on the varsity team, has played soccer for around 8 years.

 “I love the environment of the team. It’s very uplifting, nice, and encouraging. There is always someone there for you,” said Lyla Wells.

Wells’ favorite game this season was against Cardinal Gibbons when Athens won 2-0. Meeting Cardinal Gibbons a second time proved to be the most challenging game of the season, and Athens tied 1-1.  

The Athens varsity players have a routine that sets them up for success before all games, like that against Cardinal Gibbons.  The players all eat something healthy, make sure they get in a good warmup and a moment together  . They also work to keep the team’s connection to one another strong. According to Wells, the biggest advantage they have is communication and their bond.

The JV (junior varsity) girls soccer team is another great team to watch.

  “I love the girls, I coach because I had a coach who impacted me when I played JV when I was in high school,” said Athens Drive women’s and men’s JV coach,  Coach Hooks. “The girls’ growth this season was amazing to watch and I look forward to coaching next year.”

It’s not only Coach Hooks who enjoys watching the team perform. The girls have earned the attention of many students as well. 

If you’re looking to witness a great show or teamwork and competitiveness, an Athens Drive Women’s soccer game is the place to be.