Features of the new PS4

By Ishmael Sutton

Technology such as computers, phones and games are used in everyday life. In some peoples opinions they are social, they teach strategic thinking, improve eye-hand coordination and they teach problem solving.

The PS4 launched in the US and Canada Nov. 15. There are previous versions of the PlayStation such as PS3, PS2 and PS1. Consumers have a variety of options to choose from considering the fact that the Wii U and the Xbox One came out recently after the PS4 launched.

The PS4 sold over 1,000,000 units in 24 hours on its launch date and has made new sale records since the release of its previous console  PS3 at the game store GameStop. According to gamespot.com, Tony Bartel, president of GameStop, said that PS4 sales are currently 80 percent higher than the total number of PS3’s sold in 2006.

“The PS4 has great effects for madden and 2k games. Its very high tech and everyone should get the PS4,” said Markees Dasher, sophomore.

The new PS4 has been described as more social than its competitor the Xbox One. Both consoles have Netflix so you can watch movies and TV shows with a more attractive look. The PS4 has a new slim, stylish look and is half the size of the Xbox One. The PS4 also costs $80 less than the Xbox One, which gives Sony a great advantage in sales.

“I think the PS4 is overall a great system and personally feel that it is better than the Xbox One and if you think about it its actually cheaper not having to pay for little things such as batteries for the controller as you do for an Xbox 1,” said Kenny Jones, sophomore.

One of the new features of the PS4 is that it can connect to the PlayStation® Vita and can play games from there if there is no access to a TV. There will also be a demo version of every PS4 game that a customer can access and play with the simple click of a button on your controler.One of the main accessories of a game system, the controller? There is a new sleek DualShock 4 controller containing new technology inside; while not too heavy, not too light and not too bulky.