Sophomore student develops a hate for what they have always loved

“Life cannot end here. No matter how difficult, we must stand back up,” said by Andres Escobar, a famous Colombian soccer player.

Sophomore Teagan Grantz walking several dogs in a park in the early evening. It is important to take mental breaks for enjoyment and relaxation.

Photos by Provided by Teagan Grantz

Sophomore Teagan Grantz walking several dogs in a park in the early evening. It is important to take mental breaks for enjoyment and relaxation.

Imagine a gardener planting a flower and asking the sun to help the flower flourish, but instead the sun burns up the flower with heat, causing the gardener to be on the verge of giving up on trying to grow the flower. 

Teagan Grantz is a student at Athens Drive high school. Soccer is something that she takes pride in, it is like her flower that she spends countless hours trying to get it to flourish. There was so much love, determination and passion that went into this sport for Grantz. With all those emotions, no one would suspect that soccer was taking a toll on her confidence. 

Why did that take such an unexpected turn? Grantz had a club soccer coach that was rather harsh on her. This coach was someone who Grantz valued the opinion of, his opinion was not just an opinion, it seemed as if what he said was a fact because he was a coach to an exceptionally good women’s club soccer team. Constantly over her shoulder with an echoing voice that would whisper doubts into her mind. Grantz would think to herself: He knew what he was talking about, right? 

“My club soccer coach was very mentally draining and degrading. He made me want to quit the sport I love. It was hard for me to be positive when I was constantly doubting my skill sets,” said Grantz. 

While in school, Grantz found herself being involved in student government. With her hard working personality and geniality, she was elected by her peers as sophomore class president. It was a struggle to keep up with being the sophomore student government president, high grades, out of school life, the gym and soccer. 

“[student] council helps organize events for Athens Drive. I have a great council that all pitch in and contribute,” To maintain everything, Grantz needed to find a solution that would help her stay organized, so she could complete each task she had to get done. “The most important thing that keeps me sane is to-do lists. Laying out my day has helped me balance all that I want to get done,” said Grantz.

Her peers on the student council recognize she puts full effort into what she does, while also acknowledging she has other responsibilities. 

“She has a good work ethic, and despite her investment in many sports and activities, she is very willing to put her time into her duties as sophomore president,” said Gwen Peterson, freshman president on student council. 

On top of that, Grantz unconsciously found herself absorbed into more involvement. She was a part of a team that raised around 50 thousand dollars that went into cancer treatment. The specific type of cancer the donations went towards was for Leukemia and Lymphoma. The organization that focuses on this, and held the fundraiser is called Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Their mission is to make an impact in the fight against cancer. They hold all sorts of fundraisers and opportunities for donations; Grantz encourages that any individual wanting to take involvement should do so. 

“Last year [2021], I was a part of a team of five girls participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma student society campaign. Our team was able to raise around 50 thousand dollars towards cancer research,” said Grantz. 

After her journey of interacting with people, learning new things, discovering life lessons and adventure, Grantz realized something important. She realized that life is about living for accomplishment and enjoyment. Those who did not wish that for her, should not be a part of her life and should not take up the thoughts in her mind. 

“I came to the internal realization that when you do something you love, you shouldn’t do it for other people or their praise, do it for yourself because you love doing it,” said Grantz. 

This life journey made new connections which sparked the love for soccer and herself to be rejuvenated. She started enjoying soccer again, traveling to several states for soccer tournaments. With this joy for what she used to love coming back, the peace in loving herself came back with it. The thing that did not come back was her soccer coach… because he got fired.  It was like a fairy tale, the bad guy was kicked out of the kingdom, love triumphs, and the good guy wins. 

“My club coach ended up getting fired and moving away, and I regained love for my sport and confidence in myself,” said Grantz. 

Unlike most fairy tales, this one does not have an ending to the story. Grantz will keep striving for improvement to be the best version of herself. If there was one thing that she would like readers to take away from this article, it would be: be stronger than the obstacles in the way of success, pain is the price to pay, but it is beyond worth it. 

“I want to empower others and help people become the best version of themselves, just as I am doing with myself,” said Teagan Grantz.