Laura Bernstein, one of Athens’ art teachers, inspires students


Laura Bernstein is a teacher at Athens Drive who has been working here for 14 years. She teaches Visual Arts for beginning, intermediate, AP 2D design, honors painting and independent study.

I didn’t intend on teaching when I first started college at UNCG. There, I was focused on becoming a studio artist and majored in Design and Photography. After working in the film industry, photography industry, and art marketing I decided to go back to school to earn my Masters in Art Education from UNCP. There, I became licensed to teach and began teaching right after I graduated. I also went to Duke University for two semesters to earn my MFA equivalent in Painting.” said Burnstein.

Bernstein became inspired to teach art because of her high school art teacher, Mr. Bannerman. Although when she went into college she didn’t intend on being a teacher but instead focused on becoming a studio artist. 

He was the most fun, accepting, open-minded teacher I ever had. He worked hard for us, and we were expected to do the same. He was the perfect mix of strict and social. I even use some of his lessons today,” said Bernstein.

She worked at three different schools in three different counties before she was hired here at Athens Drive. Miss. Bernstein was really excited because she was familiar with the Athens Drive arts program.

I was so excited when I was hired here at Athens because I was already familiar with our amazing Art program as well as Ms. Hilton, who has been here for a long time. I was excited to work at a Magnet School because I wanted to teach a more diverse body of students. Also – I promise I’m not sucking up but the reality is we have awesome administration here at the Drive. They support us a lot and really care about the students. This is rare and I am thankful for them,” said Bernstein.