Athens holds an upcoming dodgeball tournament for charity


Photos by Joselyn

Charity Dodgeball tournament to be held Dec 14, 2021. Students form teams with friends and and ready for the sting of a Gatorskin dodgeball.

Athens is hosting a dodgeball game Dec. 14, 2021 to garner food, money and support for BackPack Buddies, a children’s charity.

This event is not only for students. Teachers have the opportunity to sign up, too. Athens wants as many people as possible to participate so they can be able to raise the highest amount of  money, canned food and toys possible to donate for charity. 

“In the past, there has always been a teacher squad… this year we have allowed students and teachers to blend,” said Christopher Remaley, a teacher at Athens drive. 

Students cannot show up to play the game without notice. If there is a student that has an interest in playing, that student will need to provide a money donation, a specific amount of canned goods or donate a new, unwrapped toy that is in its package or still has the tag. The place to deposit the donations is Mr.Remaley’s room which is located on the top floor of Athens Drive in room 2618. If any other questions arise about the charity donations, or any other matter of the subject, email Mr. Remaley.

“It is important to donate and give to those who are less fortunate,” said Teagan Grantz, sophomore. 

According to the Athens Charity Dodgeball Tournament sheet, students must provide five cans of food, a $5 new and unwrapped toy, or a fee of $5 in order to participate. The sheet can be found with more information in various hallways throughout the school.

The deadline was set for Dec. 10, 2021. However, if someone would prefer to watch, they can show up to the tournament with the donation, turn it in and go right into the gym to watch. That was the deadline; the game will be hosted four days later. Participating students and teachers need to find a group of other individuals that are also playing, then they need to form a team. Dodgeball teams will be in groups of at least six members, and at most ten members. 

There is an option for those who do not wish to participate in the game, but instead prefer to watch. If an individual wants to get a ticket to watch, they would need to donate the same as participating players, which is $5, five cans of food or a five dollar worth toy. 

All the money, food and toys donated will be given to the BackPack buddies organization. This charity organization has a main goal of providing pre-packed meals to children who are food insecure. Being food insecure means that an individual does not have enough money to provide food for themselves and this leads to starvation. Many students rely on their school to provide food for them over the week days, but when they are home over the weekend, they do not have access to food, therefore, BackPack Buddies takes initiative into making sure those food insecure children get food over the weekend and do not end up hungry. 

It is highly suggested that people join, the dodgeball game is said to be an exciting experience. The setup of the game will be two teams on the court at once, everyone else watching while they battle it out. This method gives more room to play the game. 

“I think dodgeball is hilariously fun,” said Remaley, a teacher at Athens drive. “Everyone is positive and has high energy.”