How to have a happy halloween inside


Photos by Zainab Aziz

Halloween art made by athens oracle and other students on the white board of Mrs. hornick’s room, 2420

Howling for a  happy Halloween? Here is how to do it jaguar style.  Let’s learn how to make fun snacks, and a simple fort to get into the Halloween spirit. Grab your blankets, favorite candy, laptop, or phone and let’s get started.

 For this first snack we will be making oreo spiders, simply put, Oreos with pretzels stuck into the cream from the sides to make spider legs. For this recipe, you will need Oreos, pretzel sticks, red, white and black frosting tubes. Grab an oreo and eight thin pretzel sticks, then put one end of the pretzel stick into the cream, do the same thing for the other five sticks, there should be three on each side. 

Next, get the white frosting tube and apply a small dot on top of the oreo, then take the black tube and squeeze a small dot on top of the white dot. 

Continue, but this time take the red tube and draw a small dash as the mouth. Once you have the pretzel sticks in the sides of the oreo, the icing as eyes and a mouth you are done with this treat. Enjoy this snack with friends, prank your family or just eat it all yourself. No judgment here. 

Next, we will be making Frankenstein-kitkats. 

You will need a small pack of kit-kats, some googly eyes, black frosting and a tube of green icing this time.

 With a small food brush squeeze some green icing onto the top of the kit-kat rub the green icing with the brush not going all the way to the bottom. 

Apply a dot of black icing as the glue for the googly eyes then apply the googly eyes. Moving on, using the black tube draw a small dash sideways into a smile or a straight line and move back to the top of the kit-kat where there is green draw a dash with the black icing and two or three dash marks running down the line on the head, that makes the Frankenstein stitches.

 Put them into the fridge to cool for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes take them out and enjoy. 

Things can get a little messy with this recipe, so dawn on your apron and let’s get started with this vanilla cupcake recipe. 

You will need orange, brown and green icing and a butter knife. Start by spreading the orange icing over the top of the cupcake and spread with the butter knife to evenly become a circle. 

Next using the brown icing place a small dash on the top of the cupcake to look like the root of the pumpkin. With the green icing, make little twists on the sides of the root and they’re ready to eat. 

Spooky decoration in Mrs. Hornick’s room October 29 2021.

Now we will be making a spooky, witches brew drink. 

For this, the things that are needed are blackberries, blueberries, strawberry syrup, black crushed rock candy, and ice into small cubes. Blend ice, water and the blackberries and blueberries. Make it look poisoned, but don’t actually poison anyone. 

 While that blends, take a tall glass or a wine glass and drizzle some of the strawberry syrup on the inside of the cup and pour the small ice cubes into the cup as well. 

Stop the blender and pour the purplish/bluish drink over the ice and sprinkle some of the black rock candy on top and add a lemon slice on the side of the cup.  

Now where are you going to eat these snacks?

Building a fort can be really fun but time consuming, so if you are on a tight schedule and want to build something for you and your friends here is how to build a fort in under 20 minutes. 

Start by taking four chairs and set them into a square away from each other, then take a queen- size fitted bed sheet and put it around the chairs. This will be the roof. 

Then grab two more sheets and drape them over to make the walls, then inside the fort set up a fan to keep the sheets from falling onto you and sabotaging your fun. Bring in pillows, blankets, an ipad and enjoy your time eating those snacks and chilling in the fort.